Designing for Breakpoints

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50 Topics for Thesis in Graphics Designing

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Thesis Topics

Designing for Breakpoints

Thesis on this topic is an attempt to explore the ways in which a graphic designer makes a few key breakpoints which is possible by confining the design. Other possible research questions include the ways a graphic designer thinks about the content and the accessibility implications for possible sketching on actual devices.

Material Honesty on the Web

Thesis on this topic might have followed research questions: In the immaterial or digital projects, what are the applications of material honest? In light of material honesty principle, how can the aesthetic debates such as the debate of flat design versus skeumorphic design resolve? How are the approaches to conceive and sell the designer's projects affected by material honesty?

The Era of Symbol Fonts

In web performance optimization, symbol fonts are the third epoch. In rendering a tiny single font caches including the bundles of social media feed and icons even the bullets and arrows, the use of multiple images and colors is now replaced by the use of symbol fonts. In the thesis of this topic, a researcher can explore the challenges and discover the advantages encountered by the designers in using symbol font.

Exploration of Style Tiles

Research question for this thesis is that in a successful design process, how is the client involved in the process of designing by the designer? Evolution is needed in the outdated process of printing designs and advertisers. Hence, increasing the client's activity in the process is one possible solution. The elements of website interface are referenced in the deliverable design of the style tile through a site map, wireframes, and artifacts of user experience, font, color, and style collection (Robbins, 2012). Thesis of this topic might explore the essential role of style tiles in responsive designs. Stakeholders' involvement in alignment of the expectations of the designer and client, in the expedition of the project's timelines, and in the brainstorming process is essential for a responsive design.

Artistic Distance

Designers are enabling to contemplate their designs on its own merit once the immature ego shackles are cast off. The designer is to do so via attaining a place referred as artistic distance. In the thesis of this topic, it can be shown how designers acquire the knack of achieving artistic distance as they let go of the immature ego.

A Pixel Identity Crisis

It has been long since the knowable unit of measurement, concrete, and pixel are the atomic particle of designs that are screen based. In order to transcend differences in the platform and in the web, pixels must be normalized across the device. The thesis of this topic might show that if a designer keeps sane with the help of math and media, the designer can consistently design across platforms.

Personality in Design

Personality powerfully influences the decisions that designers make. Thesis of this topic is an exploration of using design techniques and language to craft a living person in the design. The research questions are: how can the mechanical interactions are imbued with ...