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Asset Tracking

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Asset Tracking

Goals of the MRP are:-Reduce costs by 10%-Reduce cycle time by 15%-Reduce the amount of raw materials on-hand-Reduce the amount of finished products on-hand-Implement Bandwidth Analysis of supply and demandIn determining the objectives for this project, a number of fact-finding techniques were used. First, a review of the corporate organizational charts was conducted to determine the stakeholders. The results of this survey listed the following individuals as key stakeholders:- Mark NeitzelVP Operations- Ronald NelisDirector Plant Operations (Pontiac)- Craig GranbeigDirector Plant Operations (Albany)- Charles WilliamsonVP International Operations- Maria TrinhChief Information OfficerSecond, once the stakeholders were identified, interviews were conducted to ascertain the corporate vision and desired results. Third, a review of current policies, practices and procedures was conducted to ensure full comprehension and identification of current on-going business practices. Lastly, a team was sent to all facilities to observe actual operations and to ensure that all key issues had been properly identified and documented.

• Improving customer service by making it possible to locate the closest clerk when needed

• Is this asset lost?

• Reducing the loss of equipment and size of equipment inventory

• Where is the closest infusion pump?

• Where is the crucial component that goes into this engine?

• Accelerating reaction time for an event needing a quick response

• Enhancing patient care by helping staff quickly find the required device

Businesses may have thousands of physical assets spread across their facilities. With the increasing reliance on mobile assets, to be able to find those assets at crucial times have added new challenges for organizations and have affected efficiency. Workers are seeking answers to questions like:

In many industries, locating assets is at present primarily a manual process and is time consuming and error prone. The inability to locate assets in real-time-and to ensure their availability when and where they are needed-limits reaction time and efficiency. As businesses look to automate their processes for improved efficiency, there is an urgent need to increase asset and resource visibility, so that assets can be optimally utilized and responsiveness can be enhanced. At the request of the Chief Operations Officer and the Vice President Operations, an evaluation was requested for the development of a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system. The system is to track and manage raw materials as well as finished product inventory throughout Riordan Manufacturing.

Project feasibility encompasses operational, technical and economic aspects. From the operational aspect, the following items are noted:-The management supports the premise for deploying the MRP-MRP will result in a stabilized workforce as the production lines will be utilized at a rate that is smoothed out rather than constant ebb and flow. This will allow for a better trained workforce on the production lines and greater employee satisfaction with the concurrent job stability and security.

The objective of implementing an MRP is to reduce on-hand raw materials and finished goods inventory costs. Since neither of these items are considered liquid assets, having an over supply of either on-hand can be considered a potential financial ...
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