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“Is Henri Fayol's Management Theory Relevant Today?"

“Is Henri Fayol's Management Theory Relevant Today?"


Management is the core concept to plan, monitor and control the proceedings of an organization. It is often difficult and holds complexity with respect to the administrative functions. The field of Management is filled with contributions of Henri Fayol. The principles of management formulated by Henry Fayol are used consistently in the business environments of today. The emphasis of these principles is assigning individual attention to key roles of management (Bartol, 2008, p.5).

We would be looking at the positive impact of Fayol's principles in today's professional environment. Fayol's principles emphasize the use of strategy in achieving their goals. Fayol's principles have deep insights and applications to a wide variety of areas. Not only is the teamwork aspect given importance but the organizational structure, as well as motivational techniques are discussed at length.

Thus, organizations are increasingly employing the principles formulated by Fayol. Many organizations are reaping rewards of efficiency and effectiveness with the successful implementation of Fayol's principles. Henri Fayol had worked on the principles of management and his work is practiced in the contemporary world of business. This discussion will focus on the articles and the annotated bibliography that has been done in the prior part of this course assignment.

Another point that needs to be discussed is the concept of “Human Relation Movement” and “Systems-Based Contingency Theory”. These concepts endeavor the core aspect of the successful organization, which means the employees and their consideration in this regards. Businesses can encourage more productivity by having a clear direction of job stability for employees. Many Organizations when developing career paths implement the principles, which contribute towards greater efficiency and effectiveness (Mahmood & Bashir, 2012). The Motivation aspect gets special mention in the principles designed by Fayol. He said that there should be a comprehensive mechanism in place to ensure the enhanced productivity of employees (Schimmoeller, 2012).


Literature from the Articles

Fads, Stereotypes and Management Gurus

Fayol has given grounds to many of the “School of Classical Management” to promote the theories regarding team administrator, motion studies and the knowledge management. These principles have been discussed more often and adaptation has been seen in this regards. Many organizations are focusing on their implementation to control their administrative functions through Fayol's concepts of management. Fads and Stereotypes are being considered in order to promulgate the abilities of thinkers, practitioner and to become a leader through adapting the Fads in this regards, in order to enjoy the status of “guru”. There is a wide impact on people who believe in the concept of stereotyping in the emerging world of business. These factors have enhanced many of the ideas and thoughts of an individual at the upper-level of the management. These concepts are also known as the “Guru-Fad Phenomenon” (Parker, 2005, 1335-1357).

Organizations currently have to deal with various types of changes taking place. The environment is very uncertain in nature. Dealing with these changes requires Organizations to implement ...
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