Effects Of Hitech Act On Nursing

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Effects of HITECH Act on Nursing

Effects of HITECH Act on Nursing



This portion will be dedicated to the introduction of information systems in general and their application in health care provisioning in specific.


This section of the essay will be aimed at discussing the current situation of information technology in different domains of the world. There effects would also be analyzed. The HITECH act would be discussed specifically in this section along with its effects on the daily operations of a nurse. Special emphasis will be on the following areas.

Computerized Entry of Orders for Medication

This section would highlight the effects of computerized order entry for the medication of parents and how it has affected the current nursing practice.

Recording of Demographics

This part of the essay will highlight the impact of recording information regarding demographics of a patient would be analyzed.

Maintenance of Record of Current and Past Diagnosis Performed

This section will emphasize on the effects of recording the details of current as well as past diagnosis and treatment on the quality of health care provided to the patients.

Maintenance of Record of Active Medication Allergies of the Patient

In this section of the essay, an attempt would be made to highlight the way in which maintaining record of active medication allergies of the patient has changed the current scenario of nursing.

Maintenance of Active Medication Provided

This section of the essay will specifically target the impact of maintaining the record of active medications that had been provided to the patient on the practice of nursing.

Protection of Electronic Health Record and Information

This portion of the essay will be dedicated to the issue of protecting electronic health records of patients and ensuring their privacy, and how the HITECH act addresses this issue.

Provision of Summaries of Treatment to Patients

In this portion, emphasis would be on the outcomes of provision of electronic summaries to patients after their each visit to the health care facility.

Exchange of Health Information between Practitioners

This portion of the essay will be dedicated to the effects of exchanging electronic information of patients regarding their health with some other professionals and the way in which nursing has taken benefit of it.

Record of Changes of Vital Signs

This section will address the way in which implementation of HITECH has impacted the area of recording changes in the vital signs of the patients along with their effects on the modern nursing practice.


The portion of conclusion will sum up the findings of the essay and the effects of HITECH act on the operations of day to day operations of a nurse.

Effects of HITECH Act on Nursing


Science and technology have evolved in the recent past at a rapid rate. Perhaps all the domains of life have benefitted a lot from this development, be it business, education, health, sports, research etc. even the everyday tasks of life have also been influenced significantly by this enhancement. In the past, a number of tasks were considered as cumbersome, if not impossible ...
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