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Compare and Contrast the Strengths and Weaknesses of HUMINT & SIGINT

Compare and Contrast the Strengths and Weaknesses of HUMINT & SIGINT

Human intelligence is the intelligence whose information source is an individual, or an information collection comes from human interaction. By extension, human intelligence is the set of processing activities of this type of information (collection, evaluation, analysis, dissemination). Human intelligence is distinct from the technical information (signals intelligence, image information), and open source intelligence (West 2008, p. 55).

The signals intelligence or SIGINT (English: Signals Intelligence or SIGINT) is intelligence, whose sources of information are signals Electromagnetic communications using waves (radio, satellite), wave emissions made by a radar instruments or telemetry. The most famous is network SIGINT system Echelon mainly developed by Anglo-Saxon states under the Treaty UKUSA 1947 and known to the public since the 1990s. In addition to the wiretaps, the SIGINT includes the monitoring of telegrams, the fax, and e-mails and other kinds of electronic communication, posing obvious problems of respect for privacy (Richard 2010, p. 45).

SIGINT is the signal analysis and decryption. Its mission is to decrypt encrypted messages. SIGNIT analyzes and decodes from signals of the electromagnetic spectrum (radio, television, telephone, mobile, Internet and any other device to send and receive coded messages) obtained by ELINT, content of communication. For example, the decryption of Enigma messages during the Second World War is an example of SIGINT (Patai 2003, p. 88). The advantages of the infiltrates are evident. Because of its location within the inner circles of the group can access critical information that enables terrorists to anticipate and help gather evidence incriminating enough for the subsequent trial (e.g., when and where are the explosives).

However, the obstacles that this system are HUMINT is considerable. On the one hand, are precise dose of high value in playing a role in case of discovery may jeopardize the subject's life. At the same time, the infiltrate must pass security checks of the jihadists, to the extent of their ability try to obtain references to the new candidate to the group. In extreme cases, the infiltrate may also be invited to participate in fraudulent activities on behalf of the group, and that somehow allow leaders of the network to test the commitment of the applicant (Mellon 2006, p. 85).

Human intelligence, or HUMINT, resulting from the information collected from the population. It is a source of essential information in support of operational activities, and this is an area in which the CF wishes to upgrade their skills. The changing nature and non-traditional role of FC in missions abroad, the HUMINT is an increasingly crucial for all missions (Huntington 2008, p. 63). Like other sources of intelligence, HUMINT can support decision-making of commanders. With this information, they have an idea of the capabilities of their opponents, know well in advance of the activities of these opponents and have useful information about the targets and damages related to combat.

In fact, HUMINT allows commanders to know the intentions of the adversary, to penetrate ...
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