Influencing Group Behavior

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The Principles Of Persuasion Influencing Group Behavior

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The purpose of this research paper is to know how groups can be shape and bring to one pathway. Group behavior refers how people act and behave in a group. A critical discussion arises when people from diversified background connect together. It becomes difficult sometime to mold the behavior of people. Group of people from different religion, ethnic, social and cultural background has always been an integral part of human, social life. Those who value diversity can see the opportunity as a societal growth. Perceptions, experiences, social and cultural factors are important forces that determine persuasion in group settings. Managing relationship and influencing simultaneously seems complex in groups. Purpose of influencing and persuasion in a group is to make everyone think in a similar way. Social influence is distinct from conformity, power, and authority. It has to be aligned with the group. Some people in the group have a personality to influence others. Some people have low self-confidents that people adopt perception and sights of those who has strong influencing personality. Over the years, extensive researches come across the solutions for persuasion and influencing in groups.

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Research Evaluation1


Concept of Social psychology2

Social influence4

Culture and gender influences5


The Principles Of Persuasion Influencing Group Behavior


A group is a collection of people, who have a common task. They interact with each other to accomplish their goals. Groups are made with people having different social, ethnic, religion and cultural background. It seems challenging job to align these people together. An individual may behave differently in the crowd, then with alone or family members. Gender influences also plays a vital role in group settings. Group's objectives are to achieve goals and, for that, it is important to make them understand each other. Team leader tries to collect people with similar background. The possibilities are low to have people with the same background in group. Persuasion and influencing can change behavior of an individual. (Afrin, 2009). The group situation provides the rewards of companionship and acceptance for going along with the shared action of the group and makes it difficult to assign blame or credit to any one person.

Research Evaluation

The researches including social psychology and group behavior have vast dimensions. Persuasion and influencing group behavior strongly related to them. The researchers of social psychology investigate social interaction, social perception and social influence. Social cognition is primarily part of social psychology. It concerns with all the social information, processing and storage. The thinking of the world and environment deals with in Social psychology. (Latane, 1981)

The attitude can be changed due to this social cognition. However, people around absorb attitudes and change it according to the social environment. Leadership in a group can influence team to change behavior both positive and negative. Social influence and group-dynamics researches receded in prominence immediately after World War II. Solomon Asch research on prestige influence and conformity his idea in research was people are not thoughtlessly by majority or expert's ...
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