International Human Resource Management

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International Human Resource Management


The paper discusses the newspaper article on cross borders mergers and acquisitions. It talks about the general trend in secondary offerings and the mergers and acquisition deals in the United States of America. It discusses the role of international human resource management in the merger and acquisition of Terra Industries and Yara International.

International Human Resource Management


The news that I have selected for the purpose of this paper is from a business newspaper. The article talks about the trend in secondary offerings and cross border mergers in the United States of America. In the year 2010, the trend of cross border or international mergers and acquisitions has been on the rise so much so that a majority of all the mergers and acquisition deals in the US are international. Terra Industries which is an American fertilizer company was taken over by Yara International which is a Norway based companies. Whenever a company opts for mergers and acquisitions, the act has implications for human resource development in the organization. The paper discusses the role of strategic IHRM on cross-border mergers and acquisitions (Sanati, 2010).


The success of mergers and acquisition is heavily dependent on the effective functioning of international human resource development. This role is key in each stage of the merger and acquisition process. During the pre merger and acquisition phase, the role of HR is mostly limited to ensuring compliance of all the legal matters and legal obligation involved in the cross border merger and acquisition process. However, once the deal is finalized it is the internal stability that the human resource has to work on. They are to address the different types of conflicts that can erupt in the newly formed entity. During the integration stage, the role of human resource is to align the resources, ...
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