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Professional Career Path

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Professional Career Path


It is very important to select the best career path for oneself. This career path is often dictated and glazed by the parents of children. However, young people can decide about their own career paths as to whether they want to study business or the fine arts. The passions of people also affect the career path they chose. In addition, admissions to various schools and their likelihood also have some bearing on the chosen path by an individual. At the end of the day, it is the person's own choice as to which career path they want to choose. They may decide to become doctors or lawyers, or adopt any other profession that is suited to their personalities.

Alternative career paths in accounting and finance


ACCA is a global organization that provides qualifications and degrees that make accounting and financial professionals. The charter provided by ACCA is awarded after completion of rigorous coursework which involves multiple exams in different levels. The students have to complete all of these level exams to become entitled to hold the charter from ACCA.

ACCA is also available in the United Kingdom. The prospective students can register themselves with ACCA UK in order to prepare and then take different level exams of ACCA. Alternatively, the students may also want to join some school or academy that provides education with respect to ACCA exams. ACCA professionals go on to become international and national accounting professionals. Then, they also grow to become CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) of the companies that they work in and for (ACCA, 2010).

Currently, there are about 432,000 students around the globe who are affiliated with ACCA (ACCA, 2010). The ACCA primarily provides an accounting qualification which is useful in finding accounting- and finance-related jobs. The scope of ACCA is very good and the starting pays average more than £6,000 in the UK.

However, the future plans of the student are also to become an accounting professional. ACCA is the only professional accounting qualification currently available. Still, there are also some universities that offer MS programmes in accounting. Nevertheless, the ACCA qualification is better than those programmes in terms of knowledge and employment. ACCA charter holders are not qualified to work as CPAs (Chartered Public Accountants) in the United States. These are a group of professionals in the United States.

The work of accountants is very good. They derive very high salaries and are also very highly likely to land a marvellous job quickly. The need for accountants and finance professionals in the industry has never been less. Furthermore, the organization is also not churning out too many professionals that would reduce the demand from the employment sector. The examinations of ACCA are very difficult and it takes lots of hard work and patience to complete the qualification by passing all of the exams.

It is clear that the student also wants a career path which is both certain and highly rewarding. The ACCA charter holders go on to become CFOs at various ...
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