Strategic Management: Toyota

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Strategic Management: Toyota

Strategic Management: Toyota


Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), founded in 1936 is one of the leading auto manufacturers in the world, selling vehicles in more than 170 countries. Headquartered in Toyota City, Japan, and employing 320,590 people; Toyota built a reputation as a quality manufacturer of automobiles.

Mission and Vision

It has two main pillars: continuous improvement and respect for people, when people mention the term, we refer to employees, partners, suppliers and customers. One of the basic principles of the company is customer first, not just tell the clients but in the final assembly line, the person on the next line is also his client. By adopting this principle generates teamwork, allowing you to analyze on an ongoing basis to see if they are doing things without creating problems for his client. Also promotes the ability to identify problems and if you look at things closely, you will achieve the Kaizen (continuous improvement) (Liker, 2010).

Strategic Plan and Objectives (for Stakeholders/Customers)

Toyota needs to ensure that their products with give the consumers 100% quality satisfaction; therefore, they need to ensure they have plans in place to achieve superior customer satisfaction. Some of Toyotas plans include building a team of associates who create the designs for the new automobiles as well as a team of associates who will ensure that the aspects are safe and that they will be able to withstand dangerous circumstances. The vehicles will be created by large automated machines and will put each piece in place and be set to complete the same portions of each vehicle (Goetsch & Davis, 2010).

Toyota also have people who inspect the vehicles after they are assembled and ensure that everything works correctly. Ensuring the automobiles start and shift gears correctly, and the interior and exterior is assembled correctly. Toyota also has the manufacturer warranty that will cover problems within a certain time frame to ensure that the customer will continue to enjoy the purchase even if there becomes a problem down the road. As a large company that depends on customer satisfaction, Toyota needs to ensure they are selling and offering the best products and services. The objectives of the company are very simple; Toyota wants to create products that will ensure and create happiness within their consumers and a product that he or she can have confidence in (Datamonitor, 2011).

Tools for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Toyota measures customer satisfaction as a quality management ...
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