Uruk (Gilgamesh), Troy (Iliad)

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Uruk (Gilgamesh), Troy (Iliad)


Orc or Uruk or Arc is the Sumerian city of Ur away from the city 35 miles and which is called in Iraq and Rakaa. Figured out where prehistoric civilization was made ??by others on colorful pottery wheel (wheel pottery). Also manufactured metal buckets. Invented the cuneiform writing was a simple pictures of things on the clay tablets were burned. Follow the cuneiform. Uruk statue from the Museum of Allofrckan fifth king and his domicile was home to worship God Ato where she played an important role in the epic. It was the temple and white was a terrace. The city was the capital of the province of Babylon bottom. However, it lost its importance after the emergence of the State of Ur and the remnants of Zikorat


Orr is the archaeological site of Tel Almkir Sumerian city in southern Iraq. It was the capital of the Sumerians in 2100 BC. M.. The oval shape and was located at the mouth of the River Euphrates in the Persian Gulf near Eridu, but it is currently located in a remote area far from the river due to change the course of the Euphrates River over thousands of years ago, is located Orr, a few miles from the city of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq and at a distance of 100 miles north of Basra is one of the oldest known civilizations in world history, born by the Prophet Ibrahim Abu-Khalil 2000 BC. M. The city's famous Balzkorp which is a temple to the goddess Nana Moon in mythology. It was the 16-royal tomb built of mud brick, labeled as the entire cemetery well. The king was dead buried with their jewels and dressed Jawarih after being killed by poison when he died. (Green, 253)


Ur was inhabited since the period of the slave village where she was an agricultural settlement, but became a large settlement with the need for these cities to a higher level in terms of control of the irrigation in times of drought, in the period 2600 BC and during the third dynasty in the early period of Ur flourished again, becoming the holy city of the goddess Nana. In the latter became the kings of Ur are in control of the rulers of Sumer.

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It is the city which was launched from a ship Prophet Noah, peace be upon him, day triggered the earth to gush, and opened the gates of heaven with pouring water, was the scene of a sacred of the epic flood of all classes and symbols, and its dimensions, is the land that took place in her veins fresher springs reunification with the birth of Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, Moussa This episode in the overhead lamps of faith, which liberated the human mind of the residues of myths and legends, and tied to the worship of one God Sunday capita Samad, they (Orr) in the Sumerian language, and Noor in Arabic, and this is the meaning of ...
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