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The decrease in voter turnout in election, in the UK leading to compulsory voting

The decrease in voter turnout in election, in the UK leading to compulsory voting

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The research topic is the 'Decrease in voter turnout in election in the UK leading to compulsory voting'. This is important to know why the high turnover is essential in the elections of United Kingdom. The electoral system is an essential component of the political regime. On the one hand, it sets the rules for the government, on the other - has a direct impact on the electoral process. Finally, the electoral system is one of the factors that determine the configuration of the party system in the country. The concept of electoral system is used in two senses. In the broadest sense are a set of social relations, a subject which is the formation of a government or empower an official in a special way through elections. In the broadest interpretation of the term, electoral system includes all social processes and regulations related to the election, while in the narrow sense of the electoral system a way of accounting for the distribution of votes and seats in government between the candidates (or groups of candidates) (Brinar 2005, 223).

The main component of electoral systems is the choices. Election is the formation of bodies of state power and empowerment through an official expression of the citizens. In addition to the elections in a society, there are other ways of forming a government: the seizure of power (revolution, revolution), the inheritance of power (the monarchical form of government) appointed as a superior leader. In democracies elections are the main form of political participation of citizens, which sold their influence on the formation of political institutions and political decision-making. Voter turnout in UK has fallen to historic lows in the federal general election, which has alarmed academics, media and an informed public. Although scholars interested in politics have long been studying voter turnout, the reasons for the sharp decline remain unclear. However, it is clear that is not only linked to the most recent federal election, as turnout fell to the last three general elections. It is not necessarily linked to political issues and events specific to UK. Indeed, voter turnout decreases also in many other industrialized countries. The issue of voter turnout is more important in public discussion in UK and abroad, both because of the magnitude of the recent decline and the conclusions that we draw. Observers link increasingly lower turnout in some of the fundamental problems of modern democracy (Norris 2006, 1).

Thus, the lack of enthusiasm from the public face of one of the most fundamental democratic exercise would operate under a "democratic deficit" larger and could have serious consequences for the health of the democratic political system. In addition, if the effect of political and social factors behind the decline in voter turnout continues, the problem could plague the political system for ...
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