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Assignment on Auditing

People who have chosen the field of auditing are asked to submit auditing assignments every now and then. At times, they find it a challenging task to prepare auditing assignments. Now they do not have to worry because in this section of Researchomatic there are many auditing assignments available for them. They can easily access them and get ideas for their auditing assignments.

Management Audit
MANAGEMENT AUDIT Management Audit Management Audit Introduction The corporation ' Phil Corporation Ltd. ' (Phil) was incorporated in the year 1984 and had been a chief performer in the field of the business of photography. The company wants to undergo a vast downsizing course in which it has to take main steps to ...
Audit & Assurance
AUDIT & ASSURANCE Audit & Assurance Audit & Assurance Expectation Gap One of the most important functions of management is to control. Control is an objective phenomenon in the economic life of society. Control in the area of financial management - an integral part of the regulatory system. Depending on the nature of ...
International Regulatory Environment
INTERNATIONAL REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT International Regulatory Environment for the Auditing Profession International Regulatory Environment for the Auditing Profession Introduction There have been many changes to the regulatory environment for the accountancy profession in current years as professional accountants, their customers, professional accountancy association, and governments attempt to assure that the profession extends to deliver ...
Articles Critique
ARTICLES CRITIQUE Articles Critique Articles Critique Introduction This paper critically evaluates the three academic research papers, Al-Twaijry et al (2002), Turley and Zaman (2007) and Al-Mudhaki & Joshi (2004) chosen for their relevance to the proposed thesis, which is the impact of the audit committee on corporate governance and firm performance on Saudi ...
Audit Audit Overview This paper focuses on the Assessment of control risk and Tests of controls along with inventory procurement and management function. Beside this, Substantive tests of transactions and balances have been discussed for fixed assets. These are all part of the internal audit which represents the set of technical procedures ...
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