Beardshear Hall

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Beardshear Hall

Beardshear Hall


Beradshear Hall is one of the oldest buildings deals in administration at Iowa State University situated along Beradshear Road. This famous building had its construction in 1906. One can find use of stone and bricks in its making. As for today, there are certain significant offices in it like the office of president, vice-president, treasure, secretary, register, and provost and student financial aid. The building has been renovated to meet the current requirements and standards.


Overview of the Historical Facts


In 1902, a fire destroyed the exact Old Main building and officials agreed that they need a new administration building; however, the old location was best suited. The incident of fire gave an alert to the official to pay utmost attention on making the new building fireproof. In order to achieve their target, they mostly used fireproof buff Bedford stones in erecting a new Central Building (Hudson, 2008). One can find enormous scagliola columns in the interior columns as give an impression of marble. The measures were so strong against fire that only hardwood furniture could be burnt.

New Building

The Central Building has the office of President, separate departments for English, Mathematics, Botany, History, Elocution and modern languages, Secretary Office and Treasure office and Board of Trustees. IN the subsequent years the name of the building changed into Beardshear Hall after William Bearshear who was the president of managing all the planning and construction of the Central Building. In mid 1970 all classes had been relocated to other buildings at campus. That left the President Office, Provost Office, and Vice-President Office in the building. Yet, the offices remained in close contact to manage students life and student affairs.

Materials Used in the Construction

The makers of this building were very careful in using the materials that were used for the construction of this building. This was because of the fires that caused the destruction of the Old Man in the past. Fire proof material was used for the construction of the building to be on the safe side. Most significantly, it is observed that fire proof buff Bedford stone was used in much of the construction. IN addition to this, scagliola columns were also placed to make the building fire proof. It is obvious that the scagliola columns placed in the building resemble marble to a great extent that even the experts are deceived by them. On the other hand, there is the usage of stained glass for the placement of a number of stained glass panels throughout the model of the building (Miller, 2005). A stained glass panel is also placed at the top of the dome and these glass panels play a vital role in contrasting the colour of gold present in the dome. The roof of the building is made out of green tile. Originally, the twenty six steps that led to the main entrance were made of limestone, but then after continuous use of ninety five years they were replaced by cast-stone that ...