Changes In Healthcare

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Changes in Healthcare

Changes in Healthcare


The healthcare industry has gone through dramatic shifts during the past 20 years. The changes in healthcare industry had a profound effect on the healthcare workers, as well as, the patients. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the factors contributing towards the unpredictable changes, in the healthcare industry. It can be argued that the teamwork is considered as more effective rather individuals working separately. Lastly, the paper describes some team building trends related to healthcare teams, and the activities to promote bonding, growth and the effective training of the team members.


The reformation of health care industry brought about several changes in the health care organization, business ownership, and rules and regulations governing health care providers and the delivery of health care services. There are various factors that contribute towards the drastic change in the healthcare industry. Some of these factors include: cost concerns, continuous competition, influence of competitive advantages, influence of technological advances, changes in social environment and continuously increasing population. Some of the other factors that contribute towards the drastic shift in the health care industry include: the high-class expertise of the service providers, the effective relationships between health care professionals and the hospital management, the absence of a customary competitive healthcare market and the disintegration of the healthcare industry (Johnson, 2009). The change in health care industry is not a new thing to observe, but, the change has grown to an accelerated pace.

Strategies are defined as organizational goals that provide directions for the future of an organization. It is very important for an industry to have a clear vision of the future in order to ensuring effective response to the change, which is always unpredictable. A healthcare industry could develop a set of strategies to effectively respond to the continuous and ...
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