Aspects of Modernism: Maison Dom-ino and Self Referential

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Critical Studies Analysis

Critical Studies Analysis

Aspects of Modernism: Maison Dom-ino and Self Referential Sign

By: Peter Eisenman

This paper provides an analysis on how architecture is different from sculpture and the study of geometry. It also provides a deep review on how Modernism Modern and if we are looking at it with the right lens or not. Eisenman has told the importance of plans as they are the records to keep in track the architecture trends and we can know when architecture is changing. They primarily record the physical demonstrations of developing formal plans made possible by new concepts of information and representation.

La Maison Domino is considered to be the birth of Modern Architecture. Eisenman although argues that this is not essentially considered so. Architects, historians, and critics still view Modernism in architecture through different classical sensibilities and opinions. There have been many swings and alterations in the other arts, and they are considered to be the “objects tendency to be self-referential.” This means how the objects really have revealed themselves; it is a process of how they came into being and how it is recorded.

Eisenman says that focus on the free plan has covered what is truly the Modernist aspect about Maison Domino: its aspects as a self-referential sign, its existence as a piece of architecture and which is about architecture. The slabs, the columns, and the footings are all supporting the statement. This is the aspect that separates architecture from geometry and building. It is separate from sculpture as well and, therefore, it does not have to overcome these functions. Eisenman condition of architecture, as opposed to building, geometry, and sculpture is a pretty good one (Claudia, 2011).

Paris- Capital of the Nineteenth Century

By: Walter Benjamin

In this article, Benjamin has discussed the art, literature and mainly the unique architecture that was present in the 19th Century in Paris and illustrates how the Parisians became increasingly separated by their exposure to possessions and capitalism.

In this Benjamin has argued over the value of possessions in the world. The possessions in the world are something that holds value today for everybody in the community and values are something that recedes into the background. These possessions are just a source of distraction for people from the reality. The entertainment industry makes this easier by inspiring the person to reach the level of the worldly possessions. The people mainly surrender to this manipulation done by the possessions and enjoy the alienation with him and others.

In this Benjamin has pointed out how the place of dwelling and moving around for people has changed. It is all constrained to the area where they work now. It constitutes itself as the interior. The individuals that have to work in the office these are the people primarily who have to face the realities of life. They need the domestic interior to sustain them in their illusions.

Benjamin, thus, has emphasized that since the modern age, the commodity, the possession have become so much important and since so much is invested in its ...