Custom Crop Harvesting

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Custom Crop Harvesting


America is not an agrarian country. About twenty percent of our population depends on agriculture cultivation. One-eighth of our National income comes from agriculture. The development of agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country. Our agriculture remained under developed for a long time. We did not produce enough food for our people. Our country had to buy food-grains from other countries, but things are changing now. America is producing more food-grains than its needs. Some food-grains are being sent to other countries.

Great improvements have been made for agriculture through our five year plans. Green Revolution has been brought about in the agricultural field. Now our country is self-sufficient in food-grains. It is now in a position to export surplus food-grains and some other agricultural products to other countries. The agriculture of USA and numerous countries is at a crucial stage. The landscape management practices and policies used by farmers and ranchers were due to public investments and policies reforms for sustaining ecosystem and food security. The farmers have many major contributions towards the increase in global green house gases, biodiversity losses and natural degradations.

Agricultural Growth

A negative growth of 0.2 percent in 2010-2011, after near stagnation in 1999-2009 and in the agriculture sector is expected to grow nearly 6% during 2011-12 pushing up the G.D.P. growth rate to 5.4 from a low level of 4 percent in the preceding year. Much of the growth in the agriculture sector is attributable to the rise in food grains production of non-food crops including oil seeds, jute and cotton (Alexander, K. 2005).

Crop Harvesting Process

The crop harvesting is a crucial process; it needs to address literary to get maximum output from harvest. Some of the crops need to harvest carefully like Grain legumes. Top quality samples effectively ...
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