Educational Ethical Issues

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Educational Ethical Issues

Educational Ethical Issues

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Brick. N. D, (2003),”The Alleged Ethical Violations of Elizabeth Loftus in the Case of Jane Doe”, Data Retrieved:

There are many scientific researchers and psychologists working for American Psychological Association and they are bound to follow certain ethics while performing interrogations. By studying the statement of the APA that was published in 2007, I think the policies of the American Psychological Association are too restrictive because they issued certain rules of interrogation where they have to follow certain ethics while performing interrogations and studying certain behaviors they are not allowed to engage in any kind of activities that can end up in torture or portray a cruel act to any humans or living things. And if there are observed to be involved in these activities they are meant to be reported to certain authorities that deal with these cases.

Example of psychological research

Many cases are there that can prove to be examples of breaking or violating certain code of ethics, while performing the studies. And this example shows Elizabeth Loftus who violated or broke the ethical values of APA. Complaints and controversies were filed against Elizabeth Loftus who was the FMSF member. The witness of this story was Jane Doe, who accepted the fact that the member used a video tape of child sexual abuse for a specific discovery, and the video tape was 11 years old when the child was interviewed. Many investigations were made in order to prove the allegations against Elizabeth. Interviews were held that included brother, mother, stepmother and also the faster mother.

Loftus had to prove that he did not break any ethical laws because Jane was unresponsive when contacted and he also stated that he had been granted permission by the University of Michigan in order to continue with his research. But then Corwin also stated that this can't be taken as permission to continue the research where as it was caution for Loftus by the University of Washington's Institutional Review Board that it is not giving the approval or guidance.

Loftus had to face many problems by violating the ethics and her study was darkened by this act of hers. And she was then questioned on many things that what kind of methods she used to perform the research and she was held responsible for her action and made to answer her colleagues for this allegation. And also ...
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