Humanitarian Hub

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Humanitarian Hub

Humanitarian Hub


It has been found that, department of Foreign affairs in Ire land has moved to take a decision to establish a worldwide humanitarian hub at the Shannon Airport. This plan has been looked through many years in order to prove aid through Shannon Airport. This plan has already set out for the government and, department has tried to commission a study to obtain the feasibility. This study will bring assess potential level of any demand for the facilities at Shannon which can be achieved by humanitarian organizations. This feasibility study will include governments, United Nations, European unions, Red Cross agencies and different NGOs from different parts of the world. Spokesperson for the Shannon Airport described that, they had welcomed this feasibility study which could be the important aspect of this phenomenon and, they would work closely with all the consultants in order to achieve better outcomes.


He also described that; Shannon Airport could be the best and feasible place when considering geographic location and, international routes could easily accessed through Shannon Airport and, could be international humanitarian hub.

This idea is the greatest idea of all as the purpose of the idea is to serve humanity and, provide aids through aviations ways. Minister of Foreign affairs Eamon Gilmore proposed the hub during his visit to the Labour leader at Clare. The Tánaiste described that, airport had the entire possible infrastructure and, could easily facilitate a new centre where emergency stuffs such as food and medical aids could be stored and, easily transferred at the time of global emergency. All the plans which had been made several ministers and government officials could be implemented and, there were numerous meetings held in order to implement all the possible ideas. Jan O'Sullivan and different officials of Irish Foreign aid and other interested parties in order to practice and implement plans on the establishment of humanitarian hub at Shannon airport.

EU legal base for humanitarian aid

As planned in the meeting, it has been decided that, department should undertake a feasible study in order to discover the possibilities and, costs and management involved and, how these plans could be implemented in near future. This study will provide a study in which, independent and proof based assessment should be presented in order to discover the value of money for the humanitarian hub at Shannon, and implement practices as soon as possible and, see actions ...