International Business Strategy

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International Business Strategy


Combating in the business world, not only are companies and organizations paving way for progress and development, but that long-term sustainability and the capacity to reach out to masses in more ways than one calls for the creation and the establishment of a strong and constructive outcome. In the times that we live in today, maintaining strong, profitable relationships and association not only call for development currently in time and how to go about doing things in more ways than one. In line with core competencies, as we move ahead towards expanding our projects, internationalization is in order. As we look back onto the degree of achievements that we have made in the Pharma industry in the Asian peninsula, it would be wise for our country to enter the European pharmaceutical market. Specifically catering and targeting to the developing countries that are around us today, not only would it call for the creation of a strong and constructive outcome, but that it would add more to our profile and our portfolio as a strong name and a better company position. Tapping into countries that are in the process of development, it would make way for progress and a stronger association in the times of future.



Background of the Company - Decisions made1

Selection of country - India and Russia2

Selection of Industry3

Challenges for the Indian firm6

Entry mode for the company7

Suitable organizational structures and control strategies for subsidiaries9

Future Outlook and Recommendations12



Considering Fez Research Inc. has been in the business of creating and establishing a strong name in the Asian peninsula, circulating information regarding the knowledge and data among companies and in the industry of pharmaceutical research, the company now aspires to move up to Europe, in the midst of expanding its operations and making way for progress. The primary factor for this transition is with regards to the developing countries that are around us today.

Companies and organizations are not only invested into creating new business platforms, but are engrossed in order to establish profit sanctuaries responsible for lubricating and fuelling the corporation, on both international and local levels (Barney, 1991, pp.99). This would then provide for the creation and the establishment of a strong and constructive outcome and make way for further expansion of current business portfolio.

Hence, in order to create and establish a strong and constructive outcome and promote as a strong and competitive outcome, research and development is the most important aspect that should be addressed, in order to create both strategies for developing the company's expertise and also making way for progress.

For the internationalization strategy, multiple aspects require in-depth examination, scrutiny and analysis. This would not only provide for the creation and the establishment of a well-knit, streamlined, sifted approach, but would also direct the company to allocate both tangible and intangible efforts into developing, implementing and executing the strategy and making way for progress (Blonigen, 2002, pp.31).

Background of the Company - Decisions made

Fez Research ...
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