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Music history has catalog in six different stages. Advancement in music has been changed by faced different stages of period. The initial was middle ages music which was notable in 5th century exist the Roman Empire. The period was the “Dark Age” .This period was notable by creating the sacred music which was used in church and was assigned during their prayer (Sherrane, 2010).The second stage was renaissance music era which categorized in different time periods. The first era was comprised of (1400-1600) century. The renaissance era include western music history from 1400 to the initial of the 1600's.this period enunciate the regeneration of humanism and the reinforcement of cultural improvement for their own purpose in all part of anthropology including music. The word Renaissance is defined as the renewal or regeneration. Music is well known from the olden times. In every era there is a high priority of music from the olden times. During the past, imaginative and the musician create new inceptions on music that show openness and eccentricity. This concept allows artistic to show their own perception which was full of new inception and the optimistic part is they were not bound only in one direction like the others. Their art showed the quality of Greek ideal, who follows the music of symphony on their times.


Renaissance (c.1400 - c.1600):

During the 15th century the spiritual music was on peak. This music was especially prepared for the church. By the annulations of the middle age, cathedrals were significant sectors of musical construction. The quality of spiritual music was already a most centered element for the music production on that time. Their government helped the people by giving them sponsor or support to the musical schools and the group who played the music in church (Eras, 2013).

With the changing of time their laws and regulation changed and create a new history of art, music, ideas and protection and give them to the people. The main quality of musical sounds of the renaissance period were consist of silky, cliché and monotonous as seen in the past music. There was a concept of pious music which was used in sacred moments. This music has its own importance which was quite influential among all peoples. Polyphonic styles were not only in one way, it used for multiple purposes. The inventory of instrumental music also enhance considerably. New techniques and equipments of music were invented that was vast used in that time. The trend has changed now with the passage of time when new instruments of music invented. On that time two strange musical instrument namely clavichord and virginal were comprehensive. In accumulation many different instruments were increase. The lute was the popular instrument on 16th century. The purpose of this instrument invention is to use especially in family music. Renaissance music was melodious in front of medieval. Simulation was a scheme that composers used to create more variety of music and attractive to the listener. Recreation creates the same music theme and present in ...
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