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Research Papers on Philosophy

Nature refers to the material world especially surrounding mankind and existing independently of human activities. Writing a research paper on Nature is a very complex task. Students often find difficulty is writing an extra ordinary research paper to get good grades. Researchomatic offers thousands of research papers on Nature, enabling students to write effectively on a wide range of related topics.

Theological Philosophy Of Leadership
Theological Philosophy of Leadership Theological Philosophy of Leadership Introduction One of the most important things recorded in the Bible is giving due importance to people. Based on this principle, people are always in the foreground. The character of a leader is that it generates confidence, and that confidence is what enables leadership. ...
Open Source
Open Source Open Source Abstract The emergence of Open Source Software (OSS) and an entire movement advocating free sharing of knowledge has stirred several political, financial and ethical considerations in the area of software development. Stallman (1999) advocated the belief that individuals should have freedom to obtain a program's source code and read ...
Abstract Epicurus is a famous Greek philosopher who is notable for his novel philosophical approach called Epicureanism. Epicurus related the concepts of pleasure and pain with good and evil. He held that the biggest truth of life is death, and this death marks an end not to the body but also ...
Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy Management Philosophy Introduction The paper will present a discussion on one of the most important management philosophies present in today's world, i.e., the Theory X and Theory Y. We have chosen five articles on the topic to be analyzed in the paper. The management philosophy helps the organization in creating ...
Self Evaluation
Self Evaluation Self Evaluation Social and Economic Impacts There are a number of fallacies when we talk about the social and economic impacts associated with climate change. Climate Change has adverse effects on the environment and has a huge role to play in the rise of certain climatic events. The hurricanes that occurred ...
Gould On Dinosaurs
Gould on Dinosaurs Gould on Dinosaurs Gould discussed three theories in his essay Sex, Drugs, Disaster and the extinction of dinosaurs. Out of these three theories two of them which are also being stated by Gould himself can be considered as a silly speculation. However, the last one is according to him ...
Philosophy Of Romanticism And How It Has Influenced Modern Psychology
Philosophy of Romanticism and how it has influenced modern psychology Philosophy of Romanticism and how it has influenced modern psychology Introduction Knowledge and mind have very close relationship. Philosophy deals with knowledge, while psychology is related to mind. According to American Psychological Association (APA), psychology is defined as the study of ...
The Origin Of Life On Earth
The Origin of Life on Earth The Origin of Life on Earth Introduction Tyson writes towards the end of the chapter of his famous book “the origin of life” that the crux of the research conducted by his team has unsettled the beliefs of those in pursuit of certainty in scientific research. Tyson ...
Ethical Issue
Ethical Issue Ethical Issue Formal Sentence Outline The topic chosen for this research is the importance of ethical decision making within the IT or networking environment. The significance of ethical decision making within the IT or networking is immense. Personnel are normally faced with such situations in which they have to take honest ...
Quanta Qualia Potentia In Organizations
Quanta Qualia Potentia in Organizations [Name of the Institute] Quanta Qualia Potentia in Organizations Organizations are formed for the purpose of accomplishing certain desired goals and targets set by the top level management. Employees work together to achieve goals, and their actions and work depend on their skills and qualities. Every organization consists ...
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