Propaganda And Political Awareness In Sicko By Michael Moore

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Propaganda and Political Awareness in Sicko by Michael Moore

Propaganda and Political Awareness in Sicko by Michael Moore


According to Bill Nichols, Documentary film is one of the on-screen discussions of abstemiousness that take account of economics, science, history and politics discourses that emphasize on portraying the truth, to tell what is real (Hampe, 1997). Thus, documentary films, in more clear and understandable ways as compared to the history, overlap the categories of knowledge and entertainment, document and art, facts and fiction (Hampe, 1997). Other than this the visual languages through which it functions have quite different upshots as compared to the written text. Thus, Sicko by Michael Moore is a documentary film that portrays a fine line between political awareness and propaganda and also shows how documentaries use and abuse artistic structures and techniques to convey their political messages.


Many people believe that challenging a U.S. policy is a subversive and unpatriotic act. However, for Michael Moore, the director of documentary film Sicko, it is nothing but an act to express freedom of speech, assured by the Constitution. It appears that Moore considers patriotism is entrenched in action instead of principle. In the documentary movie Sicko, Moore put across his patriotism by targeting the health care system in America. As sarcastic and incongruous as that may sound a confrontation to conventional political policy is indispensable to our country; at the same time as medicine, doctor and emergency responses are essential (Hampe, 1997).

A good documentary film is bound to build an audience of people who turned out to be active intellectual partakers in a discussion over the social issues and conditions being portrayed. Thus, the major part of the documentary is dedicated to unreliable peeps into the lives of Americans who have been aggrieved and mistreated by the existing healthcare system of United States. ...