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Taiwan Movies


The history of the cinema involving Chinese language movies includes three threads of development. These threads include Cinema of Mainland China, Cinema of Hong Kong and Cinema of Taiwan. The cinema of Taiwan expanded outside the region of Hong Kong mainstream and the censorship of the People's Republic of China. A very important point to note is that the Taiwanese cinema deeply involves the rapidly changing and unique history in the movies of the Taiwan cinema. The cinema in Taiwan has developed through a number of different stages after its introduction to Taiwan in the year 1901. The use of history in the movies of Taiwan cinema is very significant and a great number of Taiwanese movies are based on the subjects of history. The core focus of this paper is to identify and discuss the importance of usage of history in Taiwan cinema.


It has been significant that the use history in the Taiwan movies has been very significant in the movies of Taiwan. The documentaries of Taiwan have also flourished to a great extent. It has been observed that the directors of the region of Taiwan have played a vital role in the development of the Taiwanese documentaries. The lifting of the martial law in the year 1987 resulted in the development of the documentaries. A very important success factor for the Taiwanese documentaries came from the promotion and support by the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs. In addition to this, the private and government organizations have also played a very important role in the supporting the documentaries and the use of history in a variety of movies coming from Taiwan (Li, pp. 62). On the other hand, a number of awards ceremonies and film festivals have been organized for the encouragement of the historical movies and the excellent documentaries produced by the cinema of Taiwan.

The core reason of the use of history in the movies of Taiwan is to make the audience aware of the historical events that took place in the history of Taiwan and related countries. There are a number of famous Taiwanese movies that have used the historical information in the movies in an effective manner and have also attracted a great amount of audience to view these movies in cinema. One of such movie is named as the “City of Sadness”. This movie was released in the yea 1989 and was a ...