Team Approach

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Team Approach

A Team Approach is Useful for Quality Improvement Projects


A team is a group of individuals to cooperate achieve a single overall result. The division of effort is bound in a single coordinated outcome, where the total is more and different than the sum of its individual parts. It is a group of people who must collaborate to some degree for achieve common goals. We can also define it as a structured set of relationships in which members have responsibilities to be met together, a goal or goals for production etc., and wherein from the beginning are rinsed to a certain extent the authority relations.


How Surge Work Team?

This comes as a need to have relationships with other people, which is one of the strongest and constants. The development team must start with a strong sense of need to improve some conditions or basic processes are interfering with the achievement of organization goals. When people are grouped together as a team, the rotation decreases and they do a lot better. Certain trades the workers can perform in isolation, but the Group work often leads to better individual motivation and faster pace of work. Even schools are experimenting with successful, with groups of students working in teams rather than leaving that each student works on their own. The group members help each other thereby increasing the learning speed.

How Are the Teams

A fundamental unit of organization, team or workgroup, may be the logical center of improving the effectiveness of the organization. The activities related to the formation of teams for organizational development enhance the activity of the teams and the sense of participation among its members. Team building can go to two different types of teams or working groups: first, a team composed of current or permanent by a manager and his subordinates, often called family group, and second, a new group that can be created through a merger or some other change structure of the company or be established to solve a particular problem to We call this group special. For both groups, the activities concerning the formation of equipment proposed to diagnose the barriers of good performance of the group, improve the performance of tasks, the relationships between team members and this operational processes, such as communication and allocation of tasks. The table summarizes these activities for families and special.

Meetings of diagnosis may include the whole group or to several subgroups, sometimes requiring little time to identify the strengths and problem areas. Forming a team requires a longer subsequent meeting; the ideal is to take place outside the workplace. The consultant will interview the Participants of the meeting beforehand and organized around common themes. The group goes on to discuss the issues, ranked in order of importance, studies the dynamics that underlie and choose a course of action to introduce changes it deems necessary. In a follow up meeting, which held thereafter, will assess the success of measures implemented.

Types of Equipment

There are different types of equipment:

• Functional ...
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