Techniques To Determine Composition Of Legal Highs

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Techniques to determine composition of legal highs


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Background of the study2

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In recent years, the number of new synthetic drug substances and products containing one or more of these substances increased. At the same time a large number of online stores have these products offered and provide high availability. It means that the use of these drugs has increased intoxication and is in need of treatment, at times some treatment is possible with psychotic, and other conditions were related. As a result of indefinite detention and treatment facilities in the absence of evidence, to date the options in the context immunochemical drug shows significant problems, in particular by consumption of so-called "Spice" products that contain synthetic cannabinoids and consumption of cannabis substitute.

Synthetic drugs are different from natural ingredients, such as the drug Morphine (principal alkaloid of opium poppy, such as Opium included), cocaine (The main active ingredient of coca), cathinone (Cat in the leaves of shrubs contained), ephedrine (active Mormon tea) or “9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis) that they do not occur in the life of plants and animals, but only by chemical Synthesis available. The first synthetic drugs came in 19th Century. Some of these drugs, such as heroin, amphetamine and LSD were created, and lead to drug abuse worldwide some serious health and economic problems. Heroin, its semi synthetic morphine production in 1874, described the was for many years in the retail painkillers and cough medicine previously available in the 2nd International Conference while in 1925 Opium has been condemned internationally.

Background of the study

Research on substances-copy of cannabis began in the thirties, and went through a phase in which the insane government set out to create the "happy mothers" (50 years) and then enter a phase particularly active in the 80's and 90's, when is looking for a medicine that could have the same analgesic effect of cannabis while avoiding its toxicity. JWH-018 was not anything extraordinary, but it was one of the most powerful and it was very easy to make with items available on the market. The smart Chinese businessman, who produces what is now in turn, sells it as growth hormone for ...
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