Tropical Rainforest Of Sumatra

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Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra

Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra


The Indonesian rainforest of Sumatra, covering an area of ??2.5 million hectares is one of the largest in the world. However, two-thirds of this surface is classified as timber producing forests. Therefore, in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, Indonesia ranks third in the world after the U.S. and China. The territory consists of three national parks in Indonesia namely, Bukit Barisan Selatan, Kerins-Seblat and Gunung Leiser (


Sumatra is a verdant Green Island, covering the entire territory of all kinds of tropical plants, full of vitality. Overlap scattered mountains and primeval forest submerged is as flat as a mirror. Further, river is surrounded by tall coconut trees, in cities, villages, fields, roads that look like infiltrating Green Ocean. Green Ocean and blue sky constitute a harmonious and beautiful style picture of beautiful Sumatra timeless landscape to tourists and it impresses them. The island of Sumatra is a veritable biological treasure trove. The island's only mammals left are as many as 200 kinds. In addition there are a large number of reptiles and amphibians too (

Most of the region is from ancient times. The island of Sumatra is covered by tropical forest. These forests have valuable flora and fauna habitat. Unfortunately, due to the lack of protection, these primeval forests are currently facing the danger of destruction. Even the so-called protected areas have been cut down. Large tracts of rain forest area had been significantly reduced, concentrated in three national parks. Sumatra Island, a tropical rainforest heritage of three parks are located in Bukit array Mountain stands here ridge known as the island of Sumatra in the Andean. The beautiful Scenic landscape abound highest lake in Southeast Asia, spectacular volcanic and glacial lakes, as well as a large number of waterfalls and caves, tropical rainforests lush.

The three parks make up the Sumatra the tropical rainforest Heritage has a rich ecological environment and biodiversity. The rainforest includes Endemic species, including the world's largest flowers. Biodiversity of the lowland forests are fast disappearing, it is very important protected areas in Southeast Asia. Similarly, although the the distinctive mountain forests of mountain vegetation less vulnerable to threats, but it is also very important to protect the area.

With increased human activities in the local rainforest, biological resources, facing an increasingly serious threat to orangutans have been less than 5000 to 2001 statistics provided by the Wildlife Conservation Foundation in Indonesia, Further it states that only 132 Sumatran rhino are left. Sumatra ecological and environmental problems have aroused widespread concern. Hope that the island of Sumatra and natural biological treasure trove would be able to maintain its original appearance.

the trial to 28 World Heritage Committee , held in Suzhou PRC in July 2004, Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra in receiving as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO , as an area protected forests and home to about 10,000 species of plants, including 17 endemic genera , more than 200 species of mammals , and 580 species of birds and 465 living ...