Victim Support Charity: An Analysis

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Victim Support Charity: An Analysis

Victim Support Charity: An Analysis

Introduction and Background Information

In the eighteenth to nineteenth century, the British society was experiencing tremendous change. The intensity of the industrial revolution, not only greatly increased the wealth of landowners and the middle class, but also led to the rise of powerful social, in particular, regarding the migration to the cities that are literally bursting with the number of people. Humanists, scientists, socialists and other public figures actively promoted charity during this time.

Victim Support is a national charity for victims of crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, providing them with various forms of emotional, physical, and practical assistance in order to include them into the society's affairs. The first Victim Support scheme is set up in Bristol in the year 1974. The social inclusion of these victims is very important for a socially-aware state like the United Kingdom. With the rise of the victims' rights movement, society has become more aware of the devastation that occurs to the victim of and the intervention that must occur to repair and reintegrate the victim's sense of being. The victims of crime at a great risk of developing disorders and health problems, and so they are at a dire need of amenities from the local and state bodies.

Charity Number

The charity number of the organization is given as follows:

Registered charity: 298028

Registration Date: November, 1987

Years of Operation

The organization is working independently for now more than 35 years in England. The emergence of victims' rights as an important issue internationally made the materialization of victim-service programs imminent in many regions of the world. During the last 3 to 4 decades, a global proliferation of services has occurred. This entry explores the history of these organizations, examines the different types of international victim services programs, and offers an explanation for the need for international victim services.

Type of Services Provided

The term “victim support” holds a very broad meaning for a large number of people. Various services performed by the state include the following:

Support for the victims themselves,

Support for the witnesses in criminal courts

Campaigning for the rights of victims

Consultancy services for the clients

Training for staff in varying agencies.

The organization provides mental recovery to the clients and also helps witnesses who have been a witness of any crime. The organization would help the witness or the client to go through complex court procedures and help the witness to assist court in their cases. The company also provides practical solutions too rather than just emotional solutions (Derene, 2005). In such difficult cases, where the victims and the witnesses need legal assistance and support, they are helped by the charity organization while also contributing towards the resolution of the case.

Number of Staff

In Victim Support, there are 13,803 volunteers, 1140 staff, of which, 98 are at National Office.

Size of Budget

From central government: £27 million in 2001-2, contributing towards 80% of the funding. The local government provides donations worth 20% of the entire ...
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