Global Warming

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Global Warming


Global warming is one of the major problems increasing day by day and effects the environment negatively with its effects. It tends to affect the natural balance and system of the environment. The concerns of global warming have increased immensely and have become a challenge for the whole world ( It is also said that all the countries should work together in order to cater and tackle this problem.

It is quite certain to say that we are living in the era of technology where chemical experiments take place every now and then. Due to this many severe circumstances have become very apparent to many scientists. it has also been suggested that if this problem is not handled appropriately and immediately then this will cause massive destruction of the environment thus making living impossible. There have been many researches and studies in regards to this concern.


The problem of global warming is in an increasing trend and scientist and researchers are trying their level best to resolve this growing concern (Massawe, pp. 254). Many suggest that it results from an increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere. The rise in earth temperature can be due to both manmade and natural factors.


According to various studies and research it has been concluded that the problem of global warming arises due to several causes for example, rapid growth of the industrial sector and many unplanned industries, increase in traffic logging throughout the world, use of CFCs in manufacturing and packaging products and burning down and destruction of tropical forests. It has also been concluded apart from overpopulation, the effects of deforestation is likely to contribute in the causation of this massive problem.

One of the major causes of global warming is the emissions of carbon dioxide from numerous fossil fuel burning power plants (Seo, pp. 526). It has been said that the increase addiction of electricity generation from the burning of coal in power plants emits great amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. The percentage of CO2 emitted by the coal burning process makes up most of the total percentage of CO2 that is emitted in electricity generation. Constantly electric gadgets and appliance flood the market. Due to lack of alternative energy sources, reliance on electricity generation from coal burning plant is evident, as it helps people to meet their commercial and personal electrical supply.

Another major cause of this problem is the emissions of CO2 from the burning of gasoline for transportation purposes. The increase in the population rate has also led to an increase in the demands for consumer goods and cars, which results in an increase of the use of fossil fuels for manufacturing and transportation. It could be said undoubtedly, that our consumption is overtaking and outpacing the discoveries, which has resulted in the mitigation of the effects.

Another factor that contributes to the problem of global warming is the methane emissions from agriculture for example Arctic seabeds and rice paddies and animals. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that ranks ...
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