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Research Papers on West European Studies

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English Occupation Of Scotland
English Occupation of Scotland Outline Introduction This section will introduce the relationship between Scotland and England. The influence of England increased greatly during the reign of Alexander I, David and I, who established the feudal monarchical system Anglo-Norman and abolished the traditional system of possession of land by clans. Discussion This section will open ...
Germany’s Political Culture
Germany's Political Culture Table of Contents Germany's Political Culture3 Introduction3 Discussion Analysis3 Turks Integration5 Political System of Federal Republic7 Hitler's Appeal8 Conclusion9 References11 Germany's Political Culture Introduction Germany is the most powerful state of Europe which has potent force to compete in the world. People cannot forget that Germany was the country of Adolf Hitler, who planned deadly World War II for ...
Socrates And Ancient Greece
Socrates and Ancient Greece Abstract This study tries to explore the life, trial and death of Socrates in detail. The main focus of this research is on the 'Misinterpretation' of the teachings and approaches of Socrates and the presence of Socrates ideas within the context of Greek Culture. The city of ...
The Policy Of Appeasement
The Policy of Appeasement The Policy of Appeasement Introduction The policy of appeasement, also known as the policy of concessions, restraint and the appeasement of affirmative action against aggression in order to avoid conflicts, was a famous diplomatic strategy adopted by the western powers especially the Great Britain against Hitler of Germany, ...
Beer In Europe
Beer in Europe Introduction The history of beer is closely linked to the first steps taken by man in agriculture and the consequent need for storage of grains. Beer in Europe was known long before the Aryan settlement, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula. The oldest beer fans among the Aryan nations are ...
The Ancient Civilization Of Rome And Greece
The ancient civilization of Rome and Greece Abstract The purpose of the paper is to discuss the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Though the Rome had taken over Greece, yet it could not thrive much. The Ancient Greece flourished in the 5th century, where as Rome was unable to do ...
Western European Studies
Western European Studies Effects of the Industrial Revolution on western societies Introduction Introduction The term “Western world” refers to all the nations that are highly developed and which share a common culture. The countries that are considered to be a part of the western world are western European countries such as Spain, Germany, France, ...
Black Death
Black Death Black Death Plague was a recurrent phenomenon in early societies, but the Black Death was the most widespread epidemic experienced. Originating in Asia and China, it reached the Crimea and then Sicily in 1347. Tartar armies besieged a Genoese trading outpost in the Crimea and intentionally infected the inhabitants. Some ...
Descartes' Contribution To Modern Philosophy
Descartes' contribution to modern philosophy Profile of Rene Descartes Rene Descartes was born in 1596 and died in 1650. He was a French philosopher and scientist who had major achievements during the seventeenth century. Most people know the Cartesian plane, on which they draw graphs of algebraic formulas, but few know that he was named René ...
European Union
European Union European Union and Its Impact on Member Countries The European Union (EU) was founded in 1992 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. It began functioning as a political organization in November 1993 and has gradually become one of the key actors in international affairs. In Europe, the EU has clearly become a ...
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