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Research Papers on Nurse Management

Pursuing a career in Nurse Management usually starts with going to nursing school to acquire clinical skills before attending additional management training. With Researchomatic, students can have access to a plenty of sample research papers on Nurse Management to help them excel in their careers. Research paper on Nurse Management is a perfect learning for students and teachers as it highlights an issue, formulates a strategy and recommends solutions.

Practicum In Leadership And Population-Focused Nursing
Practicum in Leadership and Population-Focused Nursing Practicum in Leadership and Population-Focused Nursing Answer 1a Leadership is the process of influencing and supporting others to work with them enthusiasm in achieving certain objectives. The lead is thus a factor important that helps an individual or a group of individuals to identify the targets ...
STRESS OCCUPATIONAL STRESS AMONG NURSES Abstract Background: Occupational stress has now become a very common issue in the health care organizations. Numerous research based articles have clarified that occupational stress affects the performance and working within clinical settings. There is a lack of authenticated data regarding the occupational stress among the nursing professionals ...
Application; Planned Change In Department Or Unit
Application; Planned Change in Department or Unit Application; Planned Change in Department or Unit Identify a problem, inefficiency, or issue within a specific department/unit. At this time, nursing care data, ahead of central compliance data, is barely ever integrated in the information which is being stored electronically, irrespective of researches proving that counting ...
Application: Informatics Functional Areas
Application: Informatics Functional Areas Application: Informatics Functional Areas Introduction Nursing informatics puts together nursing science, computer science, and information science for improving the health related outcomes. In this research paper, there will an identification of the functional area of nursing which is of the most interest after reviewing all nine nurse ...
Assisted Suicide
Assisted Suicide Table of Contents Introduction1 Discussion1 History of Euthanasia1 Ethical Perspective2 Ethical Issue Associated with Assisted Suicide3 Legal Issues Associated with Assisted Suicide3 Alternatives to Euthanasia4 The Element of Autonomy in Assisted Suicide5 Moral Theory and Ethical Principles6 Interviews of Experts7 References8 Introduction Assisted suicide has been around for many years. The occurrence of assisted suicide dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome. ...
A Successful Entrepreneur With A Successful Business
A Successful Entrepreneur with a Successful Business A Successful Entrepreneur with a Successful Business Business Profile C2 Education is an American company based on selling and marketing subjects tutoring for standardized achievement tests including Educational Testing Service (ETS) and ACT Inc. the tutors are responsible for helping and supporting students in ...
Leadership Ethics
Leadership Ethics Leadership Ethics Introduction The concept of nursing leadership is practiced in today's rapidly changing and complex environment, which can be seen as a significant cause of ethical issues in today's nursing. No one can deny the fact that principles of nursing ethics are in line with the principles of health ethics ...
Health Literacy
Health Literacy Health Literacy Introduction Health literacy refers to the ability to understand medical information on health and the ability to use that information to one's health advantage and well being. Most people are overwhelmed by the advance literacy that may be required to gain health literacy (Murphy-Knoll, 2007). It is astonishing to ...
Florence Nightingale - To Pledge Or Not To Pledge?
Florence Nightingale - To Pledge or Not to Pledge? Abstract The Nightingale Pledge is another form of Hippocratic Oath which was designed back in the year 1893. This pledge was named after the founder, pioneer and legend in the field of nursing, Florence Nightingale. The paper discusses the history of the pledge, ...
Legal/Ethical Issues
Legal/Ethical Issues [Name on Institution]Legal/Ethical Issues Introduction The role and relevance of ethics in nursing practice is undeniable when considered against the backdrop of the diverse healthcare settings in which care has to be provided. It is because of the same reason that the development and implementation of regulatory framework has become common ...
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