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Research Papers on Management

Technology management is integrated design, planning, operation, optimization and control of technological products, services and processes. Preparing a research paper is a bit tricky for many students and professionals. This section of Researchomatic is presenting quality research papers written on various topics of technology management. People can easily access these research papers and can write good quality research papers on technology management.

Strategic Analysis of ITV PLC
ANALYSIS Strategic analysis of ITV PLC Abstract ITV plc is an integrated producer broadcaster and a leading commercial television network having its headquarters in London, UK. It run an array of family channels and also provides direct material for the consumers via numerous portals. It also focuses on online advertising and generates ...
Cyber Crime And It Misuse
Cyber Crime and IT Misuse Introduction3 Computer Crimes and Technology Misuse3 Ethical Implications5 Ethical Considerations6 Software Piracy6 Cyber-stalking and Cyber-bullying7 Internet Relay Chat (IRC)8 Credit Card Misuse9 Phishing and Spoofing12 Hacking13 Ethical Impacts14 How to address technology misuse from an ethical perspective15 Computer Crime Prevention Laws15 Government Agencies Programs -Laws and Jurisdiction16 Conclusion17 References19 Cyber Crime and IT Misuse Introduction With the evolution of the information era and the ...
Wyclef Jean Leadership Style
Wyclef Jean Leadership Style Wyclef Jean Leadership Style Background Wyclef Jean was born on October 17, 1969, in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. Wyclef Jean's band, the Fugees, released their debut album, Blunted on Reality, in 1993. It was the group's second album, The Score (1996), however, that catapulted the Fugees to stardom. The ...
Develop An Organization-Level Information Security Program (Health Care)
Develop an Organization-Level Information Security Program (Health Care) Develop an Organization-Level Information Security Program (Health Care) Introduction In health care organizations, departments that responsible to manage and access electronic resources and information assets should conduct risk assessment as it is necessarily required. A risk assessment is referred to a process which is used ...
Lodging Technology
Lodging Technology Lodging Technology Introduction The prime factors of focus for any business unit are to what to sell, where to sell, when to sell and what should be the cost of the product which is being sold? Revenue management system is a comprehensive system which calculates the facts of business and ...
Solutions To The Problems Of Our Current Security State
Solutions to the Problems of our Current Security State By TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION1 SECURITY POLICY1 Risk Assessment and Management2 Information Security in Relation with Users of Organization's Services3 ORGANIZATIONAL SECURITY3 ASSET MANAGEMENT5 HUMAN RESOURCES SECURITY5 PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY6 Areas of Security6 COMMUNICATIONS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT7 Operational Procedures and Areas of Responsibility7 Services of Third Party7 System Acceptance and Planning8 Protection against Malicious ...
Information Security
Information Security Abstract The research provides an overview of the threats and vulnerabilities to information security and introduces the important terms and conditions. Further more, the research sum up the definitions and controls of the trusted computer system evaluation criteria and discuss the policy of information security while focusing on information control ...
Digital Privacy
DIGITAL PRIVACY The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age Introduction There are various dimensions of the technological objects which invites us to rethink the uses; the usage of interactive technologies have generated a significant change in the identity ...
Solar Energy And Recreational Facilities
Solar Energy and Recreational Facilities Solar Energy and Recreational Facilities Introduction Solar energy is gained from the sun and is the only way the earth gains light and heat. Sun being the closest star from the earth is still 90 million miles away from earth. Still our earth benefits from its light and ...
Online Kiosk
ONLINE KIOSK Online Kiosk Online Kiosk Self-guided tour systems have been used in museums and art galleries for long. With the systems, the visitor can receive detail information of the exhibits. Traditionally, a handheld device with voice instructions is carried by the user. The user follows the guidance and listens to ...
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