Absolution: A Story On Maturation

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Absolution: A Story on Maturation



The section presents an introduction of the short story and also highlights its significance and importance

Absolution: a story on Maturation

The basic idea of the story is presented, along with the central idea and the theme that runs throughout the story. It is not a summary of the story though, just a jest of it with all the major issues included.

Review of the story

The section presents an overall review of Absolution to present the reader with a general idea about the story.

Reflection on Absolution

Reflections on the story, combined with the personal views regarding it the lessons learnt from the story are presented in the section.


A final conclusion sums up all the sections mentioned above and also highlights the most essential points discussed in the paper.

Absolution: a Story on Maturation


Short stories have long being well appreciated by people and well liked at the same time, because of the a number of reasons, including the convenience with which one can read them and the understandable language used within. The trend of writing short stories dates back to the 19th century, when the concept started and quickly gained pace, thus dragging more and more writers into the genre of short stories. A short story is mainly characterized by the theme or moral, which runs through the story and is highlighted at the end. These utilize minimum number of words to beautifully explain the realities of life, and it is eminent to mention here that most of the short stories deal with true to life events and happenings, with no link to fantasy or imagination, which is the specialty of novels.

Absolution: a story on Maturation

Absolution was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1924, and is from his collection of stories, and is known as one of the shortest stories written by the writer. The story can be said to be an outstanding example of the exquisite tension between the romantic hope and the critical suspicion going on with the writer, which he has expressed in a number of writings and same is the theme of absolution. The story illuminates Fitzgerald's ironic romanticism and also highlights the writer's view of impact of social context in romanticism. Absolution also deals with the concept of maturation and focuses on the fact that as a person moves towards maturation, his insight towards things and phenomenon changes and he beings getting a clearer and better picture of things. Children usually do not have clear idea about the happenings and events of life and easily get impressed or depressed by certain facts, like Rudolph, who grows up to move towards adolescence and only then succeeds in getting an exact picture of events, which changes his outlook towards life altogether.

Review of the story

Rudolph is the central character of the story Absolution, and Fitzgerald has used this character to describe the changes that take place in each human being and also the ways in which social context effects romanticism. The story begins with the visit of Rudolph Miller to Father ...