Abstinence Only Vs. Comprehensive Sex Education

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Abstinence only vs. comprehensive sex education

Abstinence only vs. comprehensive sex education


“A jointly faithful monogamous relation within the framework of marriage is the desired standard of sexual relationship by human”. Many people would not agree with the reality of this definition; however it has been observed that it does not comply with the practices of the majority of youth. Still the funds assigned by the federal government in this regard are required to be delivered in consistency with this statement.

The debates and arguments on the sex education in America have received special attention, and the relevant health implications, are a reality for many youngsters. Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System or YBRS is the best source of data on the sexual and self-protective behaviors of youngsters. It has been reported by the YRBS that there is a gradual decline in the proportion of sexual activities reported by young people. A survey in 2008 by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC that prepares report for YRBS, reported that 24.5% of the adults in United States were not engaged in any physical activity in their leisure time (Irvine, 2002).

Definitions of Sexuality Education

The syllabus and course content of education on sexual topics in America differs by regions, districts, and even by classrooms. The greatly stimulating political discussion regarding sexual education might direct the majority of people to consider that there are rigid dissection among educational approaches. In reality, there are number of plan designs, most of these oppose comprehensible classification, or share elements of apparently contrasting approaches. Therefore, the course content is divided into two broad categories; one is comprehensive sex education and second is abstinence only education (Dix, 1996).

The former one usually focuses on the advantages of abstinence along with teaching the contraception and methods of preventing the disease. It might take into account condom and birth control. On the other hand, abstinence only education usually educates “self-restraint” from all physical interactions is the only way for unmarried people. These programs do not take into account the detailed information about the preventing sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Ex education in the educational institution and schools is a hot topic because it is closely related to the societal and parental approaches of right and wrong, and also with the religious feelings and personal sovereignty. However, sexuality education is also committed towards a public health goal i.e. to minimize the STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and AIDS among the young generation. These objectives of sex education are virtually agreed upon by every class of people.

School Policies

Despite of the fact that most of the States needs schools to educate the students regarding the sexual education, still the autonomy is given to most of the local school districts to determine the course content with respect to the sex education curriculum. Yet, the nominal direction that states do present put stress on abstinence. The mandatory policy for sex education is followed by more than two out of three schools ...
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