Achilles Vs. Hector

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Achilles vs. Hector


The Iliad is comprised of several male characters with heroic characteristics, according to the heroic warrior code of ancient Greece. Each of the characters has their strengths as well as weaknesses that can be observed on numerous scenes of the battles described in the Iliad. The heroic mythology of the Iliad revolves around two main characters Achilles and Hector. These characters have cunning distinct characters in their heroic approach and their perception about accomplishments. However, despite their differences and the factual scenario that both Achilles and Hector are enemies, there are several similarities in their characteristics. The behavior of both Achilles and Hector behavior could be described as heroism.

Discussion and Analysis

There is a cunning distinction between the two warriors Achilles fights for the Greeks and Hector fights for the Trojans. Both of the warriors have different approach to the war and act differently towards the predictable violence and death that convoy it. Although, Achilles knows that he is destined to be killed in a war (Sarah, et al, 121). When Achilles' close and loyal friend Patroclus is cruelly and disgracefully murdered in the combat; Achilles decides to put away his pride temporarily and forgets his previous arguments with Agamemnon that prevented him to directly engage in the battle. Achilles joins Agamemnon army to kill the person who murdered Patroclus (Sarah, et al, 121). In this scenario, the desire for vengeance could be considered as a clear character imperfection. However, this obsession for revenge is characterized as a heroic characteristic in code of Greek society. Meanwhile, Hector is full of vacillation and doubt about the prudence of contributing in the battle. He also deems that he is destined to be killed in a battle. Hector wants to spend more time with his wife Andromache (Atchity, 123). It is also shown ...
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