Aging Process Impacts Learning

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Aging Process Impacts Learning

Executive Summary

The paper critically evaluates the impact of aging process on learning. The result for the impact of aging process showed that the standardized indicator of knowledge ability recalls it improved in countries where nutrition, health standards and education are more generally higher. It is important to know whether there are certain activities must be learned early in childhood, as well as the discovery of the role of the environment and its impact on a person's ability to learn at the beginning of his life. It is to be noted that an important approach towards the study of memory is not only in the activities and how the activities, but also from the standpoint of the study of its natural features and development with age in the training and education of some of its species, and memory in general. On one hand, the Andragogy views that the learner's experience being as deep reservoir which serves as the resource for the learning. In pedagogy, the primary techniques being used requires assigned readings, any passive methods and lecture. The observational study for the aging has indicated that there are many social conditions that actually lead towards impacting the health outcome in the older man and women from the functioning to mortality to morbidity.

Table of Content

Executive Summary2


Discussion and Analysis5

Impact on Memory5

Andragogy Model6

Assumptions of Andragogy and Pedagogy9

Adult Learning from Pedagogy to Andragogy10

Impact of Aging Process on Learning13

Nerve and Biological Techniques to Learn13

Physiological Aspects of Aging on Learning13

Ways to Enjoy the Whole Success of Aging and Learn14

Theories of Age15

Molecular-Genetic Theory15

Elevating (developmental) Theory of Aging15

Effect of Aging on Memory: Aging and Cognitive Function17

Age and Intellectual Abilities17

Research Designs and Measures18

Personality Changes with Age18


Aging Process Impacts Learning


The human beings learning process from the birth continues the process through their life; however the level of learning and value of the knowledge greatly varies from one person to another. It has been observed that from the history, the concept of learning of adult and their values has a diversified impact among groups and individuals. Previously majority of the people believed that the formal learning and education beyond the age 50 of little values to the society that gives the limited time span to practically use their knowledge. However, may scholars have highlighted that the learning ability of the group especially adult may have various reasons including genetic longevity, ethnic difference, individual habits, environment and financial illness limits the career and it restrict the need for learning (Sherman, 1996).

The questions of how the age affects the learning are not pertinent towards the elderly. They often hear how American children are not learning as much as they need to. It is significant for knowing the certain activities are learned in a best way early in the childhood. If these are true, certain changes are needed to be made in the curricula for our school. However, it is essential for discovering how the environment influences the ability of the person to learn in the early stage of ...
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