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Crash of the Tu-154B in Omsk: Investigation Report

Crash of the Tu-154B in Omsk

October 10, 1984 the crew of flight 384 the order of Tolmachevo West-control HA TU-154B number 85243 served as passenger flight number 3352 on route Krasnodar - Novosibirsk Omsk. On board the plane were 9 crew members and 170 passengers, including 8 large and 16 small children, 2700 kg of baggage, 306 kg and 1600 kg of mail cargo. Plane takeoff weight and center of gravity do not exceed certain limits. Departure from Krasnodar produced on Oct. 10, 1984 in 23 hours. 37 min. MSK. Accident occurred on Oct. 11, 1984 in 02 hours 41 min. MSK. (Local time of 5:00. 41 min.) On the run after landing at the airport Omsk, night, adverse weather conditions. In the process approach to kursoglissadnoy system and run the crew deviations are not tolerated. If you run after landing the aircraft collided with three cars airfield, carry out works on the runway. In a collision, an explosion occurred, there was a fire. Aircraft and motor vehicles were completely destroyed, 169 passengers and 5 crewmembers and ground personnel 4 employees were killed, the crew and passengers were injured. Three crew members were not injured.

Weather forecast for the landing Omsk from 01.00 to 10.00; Wind 150 deg. - 12 m / sec, visibility 3000 meters, haze, rain, 10 points layered share of 150 m in a cloud of moderate icing, moderate buffeting, cloud top of 6000 m, unsigned. Short-term 0100 - 0700 visibility 1000 m, 7 marks, torn-rain-80m.

Aeroflot Flight 3352 was a Tupolev Tu-154 plane flight on a domestic route in Russia's Krasnodar to Novosibirsk, with an intermediate landing in Omsk. While landing at the airport in Omsk, 11 October 1984, the aircraft crashed into maintenance vehicles on the runway killing 174 people on board and four on the floor. While a string of errors in the airport's operation contributed to the accident, the primary cause was a ground controller to sleep in the service. From April 2010, it remains the deadliest plane crash in Russia.

At 5: 00 am local time (UTC / GMT + 7 hours), flight 3352 was preparing for the intermediate landing at the airport in Omsk, Russia a key city in southwest Siberia, which has a population of more than 1 million is the administrative center of Omsk Oblast. This was the only plane on Omsk and was cleared for landing when it came into contact with the airport.

At 5:20 am, worried that continuous rain made for slippery landing flights of the day, the floor of the airport maintenance crew requested permission to dry the track. The ground controller in the service gave him permission, and fell asleep immediately, forgetting to change the "runway occupied" warning. By the standards of the airport, such permission should not be given without approval by the Head of the flights, but was absent from the airport at the time. Maintenance equipment operated after the normal airport routine, ...
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