Anmc Competencies

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ANMC Competencies

Domain 2: Critical Thinking and Analysis

Remaining with the National Competency Standards of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council is an important manner through which competency can be achieved in the practice of nursing. Thus this statement of competency will explain what the professional individuals usually do to comply with the second domain of the competency standards thereby achieving ultimate competence in the nursing practices (Tschudin, 1995).

The second domain is particularly related to the valuing of evidence, professional development, practice based research and the self appraisal. All these factors are considered to be the part of analysis and critical thinking. This domain is related to the practices in the framework of evidence based. Identify the issues and problems in the practice of nursing that can be properly evaluated by researching into proper domains. The domain also consider potential for making various improvements while results review has been done that is related to the individual care and nursing activities (Smye, 2002).

The evidence based models and its practices also make use of the best expertise in nursing and evidences that are available along with the respect for beliefs and values of the individuals in the nursing care settings. The practice included in the models of evidence based also identifies the relevant research for improving the health outcomes of the group. In this particular domain, the issues and problems have been identified with respect to the practice of nursing that could be investigated by researching proper channels. Considering the potentials for making improvements and assessing results of the individual care and the nursing activities is all part of the healthcare groups working under the ANMC. The discussion of the research implications with the colleagues and participation in the research are also included in the outcomes of the health group. It also includes demonstration for the awareness of current research in the field of healthcare groups. All these points are of crucial importance that is undertaken by the nurses and related healthcare individuals for analyzing and critical thinking. The models based on the evidence and its practices are an important concern along with the participation in the professional developments of the nurses in the current nursing home cares (Lachman, 2001).

The use of best evidence available, respecting the values and beliefs of the groups in the nursing care settings along with the expertise of nursing is an important part of the second domain. In order to avail the best evidence available, it is important to use the reliable literature along with the findings of research for improving the new practice in nursing. The participation is based on the relevant research that needs reviewing the guidelines, procedures and policies. All these factors are included in the critical thinking and analysis. The part of the second domain also recognizes the variation in the nursing expertise along including nursing experience, their education along with the practical context (Nicklin, 2004).

The critical thinking and analysis also includes the participation in the self and others development that evaluates the ...
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