Antebellum Period

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The Enslaved Men and Women during the Antebellum Period

The Enslaved Men and Women during the Antebellum Period


In the year 1830, the slavery was prominent in the Southern region of United States. The slavery in the antebellum period represented diversified categories. In the era of antebellum, the African Americans working in different firms, farms and industries; enslaved by the regulatory authorities. Majority of the African American residents; imprisoned in their homes and deprived of major necessities of life. The antebellum period signifies the era of enforced violence and different threats faced by the African Americans. According to contrastive studies, the black and white population of United States used to live together prior to the antebellum era; however, this phase of history had a tremendous impact on the black population in U.S and other relative States.

The purpose of this paper is to enlighten and explore the era of slavery in the antebellum period of history. This paper enlightens the enslaved men and women in the antebellum period; in addition, the study also explores different dimensions of slavery during the period. According to independent studies, most of the enslaved men and women in the antebellum era were the workers of the agricultural sector. These slaves were not considered as human beings; because, the enslaved African American used to work in the fields the entire day irrespective of their gender. Several scholarly studies contribute that the enslaved African American women were sold to different bidders during the antebellum period. These women were used as slaves, also for other acts, irrespective of their consent.

Comparison of Enslaved Men and Women

The analysis of enslaved men and women represents a significant plantation of African American slaves in the antebellum era. According to contrastive studies, three fourth of the white in the southern region did not represent the people in slavery. However, approximately 88% of African Americans were enslaved (Weisenburger, 1999). The era of antebellum symbolizes the discrimination among the white and black population in the corresponding era. The majority of slaves were the farmers that were used to cultivate the cultivated fields. The white population used to act as the superiors of the African American slaves.

The people responsible for holding slaves used African American males as farmers and for other works required by them. However, the African American women suffered intense pressure from the people who kept them as slaves. According to contrastive studies, the slave trade was ...
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