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Why Battered Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

Why Battered Women Stay in Abusive Relationships


The paper is an account of the research proposal about “why battered women stay in the relationship?” it addresses the objectives, research design, problem, and the existing researches conducted on this topic.

The problem

The devaluation of women with the aggressor attempts to maintain its image at the expense of the subjugation of women explains the difficulty in breaking the relationship. Psychological violence also has given us a new vision of a human being and their psychological needs. We now know that there is another kind of violence that also hurts people, psychological or verbal violence. Destroy a person's self-esteem systematically through criticism, contempt, neglect or abuse, are also forms of violence (Hart ,2008). The victims of such violence often continue to suffer quietly and why not get the help they need. A person hit in your body can show the wounds and help. Moreover, usually verbal or psychological violence precedes the physical. When a woman is coerced into an abortion (which is also violence against an innocent unborn), use contraception and abortion dangerous or harmful sterilization is practiced, all of these are also acts of violence. However, the issue is that, despite all forms of violence, a majority of women prefer to stay in the relationship. This is posing a major threat to the well being of these women, because ceaseless violence may cause sever mental and physical injury. Every woman has her own reasons, but the need is to understand the reasons for which this phenomenon is becoming common in societies and cultures today (Hart ,2008).

Importance of the research

The preference of battered women to remain in an abusive relationship is a serious societal issue. It shows the negligence eon the part of cultures, family and community in a holistic context. Many researchers are conducted ion domestic violence and their impact on women, but the reason for which women tolerate the abuse is often ignored. Keeping in view this trend, the importance of this research becomes great (Seligman,1975).

Victims of verbal abuse often think that this is not serious enough to try to do something to stop it. Some fear that will not be believed if they report the abuser, as often it has a good public image. Those who are being battered are afraid of retaliation by the aggressor and that he constantly threatens to kill her. Others fear facing life alone or just do not have the means to do so. Sometimes someone who respects the victim tells her to stay in that abusive relationship, "for the sake of their children. All these women have in common a low self-esteem and an inability to set limits because they are dragging emotional problems since childhood. Often the root of domestic violence for victims and their perpetrators is the emotional vacuum. That is, the lack of love and attention in childhood (Engel, 1992).

Unfortunately, when a woman is the victim of any violence by their spouse or "partner", is ...
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