Business Report - Coca Cola

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Business Report - Coca Cola

Business Report - Coca Cola


Coca-Cola is a refreshing and effervescent drink commonly sold in shops, restaurants and vending machines in over 200 countries till present. It is produced by The Coca-Cola Company. The non-alcoholic carbonated drink “Coca-Cola” was created in 1886 by John Pemberton (1831-1888) in Jacobs' Pharmacy in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The company had it's headquarter in Atlanta and since then, its new branches have been functioning in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Dallas. The inventor wanted to create a remedy with a mixture of leaves of coca and seeds of tail, which was initially marketed as a patented medicine which relieved the headache and concealed the vomiting. Then it was sold in pharmacies as a remedy for calming the thirst, on 5 cents a glass. Frank Robinson named it Coca-Cola, and designed its calligraphy and the current logo of the brand. In 1886, a businessman Asa Griggs Candler made an offer to its creator to make it a famous drink in the United States but was later acquired by, whose tactics of marketing were to drink one of the most consumed of the twentieth century. Pemberton accepted the offer (sold the formula and his company in $ 23,300) and Candler opened its several containers in the United States. Later a group of lawyers bought the company and expanded the reach of ??Coca-Cola worldwide. From there the company became known and recognized as The Coca-Cola Company. In 1904, a town was built and was named after Candler. In its foundation it had a copper tray with his portrait and a bottle of Coke.

The company mix the concentrate with filtered water and sweeteners to sell and distribute the drink in cans and bottles in retail stores or wholesalers. There are variants of the Coca-Cola which are also made ??by the same company such as Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Diet; others are caffeine-free Coke, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, and Coca-Cola Zero etc. Amongst its assortment, the lemon flavoured coke is especially liked by the public. The major competitor of Coca Cola is Pepsi Cola Inc. USA.

Industry Analysis

Coca-Cola is a recognizable emblem worldwide. From a chemist trial to a international enterprise, Coca-Cola has made the essential acquisitions and organizational alterations to rendezvous both clientele and employee demands. The organization has been adept to boost its wideness by inspiring the employees to rendezvous the trials with pays, advantages, and recognition. Though Coca-Cola is globally renowned for its beverages, its organizational heritage of evolving its human assets has permitted the company to elaborate its goods and geographical come to, conveying those beverages into the dwellings over the world.

The industry also produces other soft drinks such as milk drinks, fruit juices and fruit drinks, bottled water, sports drinks and energy drinks. Previously, this industry was organized under a franchise system in the US, so the characteristics of the soft drink industry could be standardized across the ...
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