Case Study For Student Analysis

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Case Study for Student Analysis

Case Study for Student Analysis


Training is a systematic, planned and ongoing overall aim to prepare, develop and integrate human resources into the production process by providing knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the best performance of all employees in their current and future positions and adapt to the changing demands of the environment internationally. The training is aimed at technical development of the worker for him to perform efficiently in the functions assigned to it; produce results of quality; provide excellent services to their customers; prevent and resolve early problems potential within the organization. Through training we make the worker profile fits the profile of knowledge, skills and attitudes required in a job. Development on the other hand refers to education received by a person for professional growth to enhance the effectiveness in office. It has objectives in the long term and generally seeks to develop attitudes related to a particular philosophy that the company wants to develop. It is aimed primarily towards executives' level. The training helps employees to perform their current job and the benefits of this can be extended to all their working lives or professional person and can help develop it for future responsibilities. The development, on the other hand, helps the individual to handle future responsibilities with little concern about it or prepares it for the longer term and from obligations that might be running today.

According to the case study, Carl Robinson is the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. before the training session he realizes that the training equipments, materials, venue are not ready, besides, the candidates qualification and employment drug test are still pending. This situation becomes critical for Carl as he has to train employees at short notice. This paper analyses the reasons for which the shortcomings and suggestions for possible solutions.

The Problem

Carl Robinson recruited several new hires for ABC successfully. He decides to give new employees orientation for the operations so that they could undertake the operations, and begin working for the month of July. Carl assured Monica, the supervisor, that things will be arranged in an orderly manner. Carl returns to the office after the Memorial Day weekend and begins to work on the project to facilitate for what Monica has asked. Surprisingly, he finds that few of the trainees did not have their applications completed and transcripts in their files. None of the trainees had been sent to the clinic for drug test (Colon, 2010). He seeks for the orientation manuals and finds that only three copies with the pages were missing from each. Besides, the training room was reserved for Joe for the computer training seminar for additional database software implementation; therefore, it was not available for the new hires. Carl was extremely frustrated and start thinking about coping with this issues and providing the new hires with all the possible learning tools.

Major Issues

Many problems exist for Carl Robinson. Firstly he has an experience of only six months in the ...
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