Communication Management

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Communication Management

Table of Contents

Introduction to Assignment3


Communication and Its Significance in Workplaces4

Quality and Characteristics of Communication Management by People at Legal Eagles5

Improvements required in Communication Management at Legal Eagles8

Creating Communication Management Competencies11

Rules of Dialogue12

A Communication Model15



Communication Management: Communication Case Essay

Introduction to Assignment

This assignment is based on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of communication management at a law firm, namely Legal Eagles Pty. Ltd. this assignment is based on few communication learning obtained by different sources to evaluate what sort of communication gaps or vacuums exist in the firm, and how they can be resolved. The discussion opens with the relevance and importance of communication and its management within a typical workplace. It then relates to specific situations of the case, where we assess how the firm, in question, maintains a framework of communication; and how does it go about communicating in special situations. These situations would relate to the employees' opinions about taking international case laws or broadening the horizon or scope of the business. It then relates to the quality and characteristics of the management in communicating with each other. In the end we would discuss some areas of improvements after assessing the situation to see what could be done in order to enhance the communication perspectives of the entire workplace. Creating communication competencies through a range of activities scan go a long way in creating positive outcomes for the organization. This case essay would close with a conclusion that would sum up the entire discussion.


Communication and Its Significance in Workplaces

Communication means the process by which a message or information is transmitted from a source to a receiver via a channel or means of communication provided. Effective communication of information requires a thorough knowledge of the source, the means of communication and the receiver. In the ideal situation, the needs of the receiver determine the source of information and communication medium. The information technology and communication (ICT) can help to collect appropriate information, to communicate using various means to achieve the target user, where the information can affect (Patrick, 2008, pp. 222).

Common communication problems that arise in a team are usually due to personality and emotion of each of its members. Individual and group difficulties should be identified and analyzed by the leader timely manner by all serious and responsible. The principles stated in the above chart used or embedded in a negative way by leaders or participants are barriers that affect communication and the extent of achievement by teams. Teamwork requires employees to refine their communication skills and articulation to get their points across the rest of the team. To help your employees improve their communication, giving everyone the chance to talk and help them learn to be secured without being represented.

Other attitudes and communication behaviors that generate entropy within the group are:





The Communication Plan, sometimes called "Plan of communication management" is a document that highlights the methods used to collect and store different types of ...
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