Community Health & Wellbeing

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Community Health & Wellbeing

Community Health & Wellbeing

Critically analyse 'social inequality' and its association with health and wellbeing from a UK-wide perspective or perspective within your own country


The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the social inequality and its association with health and wellbeing from a UK-wide perspective. The main objective of this paper is to determine the effects of the social inequalities of the health and wellbeing in United Kingdom. The first part of this assignment is comprised of the description of the inequalities and social inequalities. This paper makes discussion on the association of the social inequalities with the poverty. The section is also a description of the ways through which the social inequalities can be tackled.

The second part of this paper is comprised of the different factors including the poor housing, education and gender. This section is a description of the social inequalities and its impact on the health/wellbeing. The second section is the description of the housing conditions, social exclusions, and gender.

However, the third part of this paper is about the conclusion and the recommendations based on the social inequalities and wellbeing. Thus, this paper is a complete review of the social inequalities on the health/wellbeing.


The inequality which has been selected is the community. Community is considered to be a significant framework that helps the individuals to increase their learning and development which can ultimately lead towards the increase in society. A community is a centre of the developmental activities which helps in the contribution of the development of human values. A community is that group of people who lives in a common geographic area, needs and the value system (Abraído, 2005, p. 1243). According to the different researches on community, the three main factors included in the definition of community are:

Community as a place

Community as a process

Community as an institutional structure

There are two different meanings of the term “Community”. It is a group of those people who share the same geographical area. It is considered to be a social unity which is greater than a common house. On the other hand in the biological terms, community is the group of those individuals who interact with each other under the same populated environment. A community is that group or society which is used to assist each other and support each other.

The different inequalities which are observed in a community are the inequalities on the basis of following points:

1) Gender

2) Race

3) Geographical location

4) Education

However, these inequalities can result in increasing the different risk factors in a community. The inequality can lead towards the increase in the poverty and the crimes. Thus, this paper is complete analysis of these factors.


What is Inequality?

Inequality is a term which is used to identify the differences among the individuals on the basis of different factors. The inequalities can be based on discrimination between the two or more variables. This paper makes discussion on the social inequalities which is discussed below:

Social ...
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