Couples Are Choosing To Have Only One Child Or Not

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Couples Are Choosing To Have Only One Child or Not


Happening in the world and happens in U.S: more and more couples are choosing to have only one child. Parenting has become so demanding and demanding that there is no money, time or inclination for more.

It is often said that the term only child is associated with extreme protection and rude. However, today the picture of this situation is changing. The investigations come to ensure that a child is an only child has more qualities than defects. Before, the only child was known to believe the center of the universe, to be selfish, spoiled and rebellious (Mischell, pp 34).


The decision to have one or more children depends on many factors, family, economic, organizational and emotional. Sometimes you have only one child if, for whatever reason you cannot have more, but sometimes it is a conscious decision and deliberate, a way of seeing motherhood and life.

Some people choose to have only one child because he was an only child and enjoyed the situation. In other cases siblings have had an experience has led us to consider indispensable in our lives and our own child has no siblings can be seen as an advantage or as something indifferent.

The approach of having only one child is often believed to be the strangest thing in the world. However it may seems that it is no longer an extravagance, not even a matter of personal choice: it is now a demographic that is imposed. The statistical analysis shows that of about 26% of children are only children in Britain more than 30% in New York, in China having siblings is punishable by law in Chile 46.5% of women of childbearing age who have no children, just want to stay one in the future. It is therefore in the last 20 years, households with one child increased by 73%, according to data from the Survey Casen.

Discussion and Analysis

There are many topics that are on the idea of having an only child is a spoiled, bossy, spoiled, etc. But in reality the only child experience has its risks and benefits, and its evolution, like any other child, depends on the education we give we the parents. And it is the parents to be vigilant not to exaggerate certain behaviors or certain reactions to avoid such attitudes topical mistakenly been associated with an only child. The most common risk is that the exclusive attention that we give to our son from becoming an overprotective attitude. There are many ways to avoid it.

The sociologist at the Universidad Diego Portales, Florence Henderson, an expert on family issues, have already armed their theory. "Today women are no longer willing to sacrifice so much for others and raise three or four children as if they did previous generations," he explains. "This has to do with that there is a requirement to be happy. No longer settle for the family project, but you are looking for an ideal of life that satisfies you ...
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