Critical Race Theory - Interracial Communications

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Critical Race Theory - Interracial Communications

Critical Race Theory - Interracial Communications


Humans are created in such a way that is impossible for them to live alone in isolation. Humans realize and acknowledge this fact to. However, the humans still have the potential to cause huge destruction on the basis of very minor difference of opinion. Therefore, a very simple and obvious fact is that humans still have learned to co-exist with other fellow beings. The two world wars and various other violent conflicts between two nations or countries are the proof of the fact. It's been long since religion, culture and various other social values have been the reason of conflict between various communities. However, one of the recently triggered issues in the list includes the conflict of color. Though the root of the controversy goes way back. However, it's been recent that the issue has started to intervene on various diplomatic relation and activities between two entities.


Because of a huge number of incidents and events that took place in the last five decades highlights the intensity of the issues and the fact of how much effort of dialogue will be required to solve these issues. The violence and brutality in all these incidents has been alarming for not just the people in current times. In fact, many experts in the past had realized the bizarre controversies the issue was capable to cause in the future. As a result, various theories and researches have been put forth and presented by various socialists, psychiatrist and behavior modification analyst that would explains the possible reasons that originates the issue, the factors that contributes to rise and the methods and steps that can be adapted in order to control the damage that has been done to the planet, its inhabitants and to the general codes of ethics and humanity.

Critical Race Theory

Being a theory of academic discipline in nature, Critical Race Theory (CRT) focuses and emphasizes on the application of the Critical Theory. Whereas, a Critical Theory is a critical judgment criteria of various social and cultural aspects of a society or region that intersects to the law, race and power that is used and practiced in that society.

The theory can be classified in to two major categories with respect to the themes it caters with. The first CRT category includes that overtime, racial powers and white supremacy are most likely to be maintained. The second CRT classification includes the possibility of converting the relationship between racial power and law in such a way that subordination or supremacy on the basis of color or race is discouraged and avoided. However, many scholars have also criticized the theory and blame it for promoting white supremacy in various indirect ways (Delgado, 2001).


The theory was first introduced in the law schools of United States of America in the mid to late 1980s. The theory was basically a reaction or response to the certain aspects in the critical legal ...
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