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Digital Marketing

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Situation Analysis4

Competition Analysis4

SWOT Analysis5







Digital Strategy and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)7

Target Audience9


Social Media9

Mobile Platform10

SMS Marketing10

Search Engine Optimization10

Pay per Click11

Direct E-mailing11

Action Plan12




Digital Marketing

Executive Summary

The advent of 21st Century brought digital marketing into practice. Several companies are using digital platform to compete in such dense marketing environment. Vodafone is also amongst the companies going digital to meet its desired goals and objectives. Currently, the company is considerably the world's second largest telecommunication service provider. According to the annual report of 2012, Vodafone has generated net income of £6.975 billion. However, it got targeted that deriving a comprehensive digital marketing plan can help the organization in accelerating its success. Currently, other telecom competitors of European region including O2, T-Mobiles and Orange, are giving tough competition to Vodafone. It got anticipated that the future of marketing is digital. Thus, Digital Marketing platforms including social media, mobile platform, search engine optimization and pay per click are principally becoming the new battlefield for business competition.

Internet and the beginning of Digital Marketing

However, the history of the internet can be dated as old as 1950s, but its true expansion, in the late 20th Century, has evoked the concept of Digital Marketing. The biggest contribution of digital media in the business environment is that it has made communication two-ways around. Communicating through new media, marketers are now able to obtain feedback, customer data, and can also conduct researches online. This is mainly the digital marketing that has significantly increased competition in the business environment since every business has equal and identical access to the audience.

Introduction to the Business

There are several industries operating in the market. But with the expansion of the digital market, the major advantage goes to telecommunication industry. Most marketers found services more difficult to market than product, because of their fussy characteristics. The business, which I have chosen, is certainly a telecom company, named as “Vodafone Plc”. Founded in 1991, the company got considered as the world's second largest mobile telecommunication company by 2011, in terms of the number of subscribers and the annual revenue cost. Situated in London, the company has more than 86,000 employees working transversally across the globe. In 2012, the company generates total revenue of £46.4 billion, and net income remains around £7 billion. The company also got enlisted amongst the top 5 largest companies operating in the United Kingdom (Vodafone Group. Plc. 2012).

Situation Analysis

This part of the plan will analyze the internal and external environment of the organization to understand its capability and competitive environment.

Competition Analysis

Vodafone has imperative competition in all geographic markets it is operating. However, in the domestic market, Vodafone got subjected to indirect competition from other communication service providers. The company also got engaged in direct competition with existing telecom operators in the market, which includes O2, T-mobiles and Orange. There are also numerous fixed line operators and internet based communication companies that are operating in U.K., which are also competitors for Vodafone (Vodafone Group. Plc. 2012). The customer market share ...
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