Diversity And Ethics

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Diversity and Ethics

Diversity and Ethics are Interrelated

Diversity and Ethics

Code of ethics are generally utilized for creating moralistic paradigms. These programs have been suggested and prompted to be used by the companies according to the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, 1991. Such codes outline sets of principles that ideally enhance employees' ethical orientation. It has been observed that ethical codes can significantly enhance ethical conduct (Silvia, 2011).

The ethics literature indicates that codes are a core element of the management of ethics.. The code of ethics play a vital role in creating an ethivcal environment. This can be effectively done by communicating the ethical philosophies of an organization to the employees and maangers of the organization. Codes also show that the company values moral business conduct and is keenly interested in socially responsible actions.

It has been reasearched that employees are positively affected by the evolution of ethical conduct in an organization. For instance, ethical business climates can increase employees' principled reasoning, and the standardization of ethical beliefs can augment individual commitment. Previous work also shows that codes can increase employees' ethical performance. For instance, Singhapakdi and Vitell determined that the employees of an organization that do not have a developed code of ethics or ethical principles, are more likelt to adopt unethical courses of action (UNESCO, 2002). It is very obvious that codes of ethics enhance the beliefs of individuals regarding the ethical conduct of an organization. Many using a sample of business school graduates found that ethics codes decreased questionable conduct. The positive nature of an ethical organizational environment might be further enhanced when management outwardly supports ethics programs. Silvia et al. (2011) believes that managers should create a "community-minded" environment using a "top-down" approach to business ethics. Ethics codes appear to be more effectively developed through managerial action and ...
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