Domestic Violence And Terrorism

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Domestic Violence and Terrorism

Domestic Violence and Terrorism

Domestic violence includes all acts of violence, from the use of physical force to bullying, harassment or intimidation, which occur within a home and perpetrating at least one family member against another or others. Usually, this type of violence does not occur in isolation, but follows a consistent pattern over time. Its main victims are women, children and / or dependents. 'Domus' in Latin had a broad sense, comprising not only the house but also the home and family.

Domestic violence is one that takes place inside the homeland or a family. Domestic violence occurs between adults of similar ages of ascendant or descendant. The violence that takes place against children is often called the child abuse. What all forms of violence have in common is that they constitute an abuse of power and confidence. But given the complexity and variety of the phenomenon, it is very difficult to know their global dimensions. To refer to this type of domestic violence are more common terms such as gender violence, gender violence, violence or gender violence hembrista. The latter term is used by feminist groups and associations, and also by some laws-such as the Spanish Organic Law of Integral Protection Measures against Gender Violence. While sex refers to biological differences between men and women, gender refers to differences in psychological, social and cultural rights. To speak of "gender violence" is a means to emphasize that violence stemming from social and cultural construction of masculinity and femininity.Sometimes this violence has been associated with sexism, machismo as both fem-isms, although the reasons are often economic, social or other types. Family or domestic violence is defined as a set of attitudes or abusive behavior of a family member who seeks to control another, so that it acts according to his wishes. There is a wide range of definitions, more or less formal, and generally include the following elements: Physical violence Violence Physical, which can include unwanted touching, beatings, rape and even murder. Violence indirect is such as destroying objects, throwing objects near the victim or against it. Indirect physical violence included hitting a friend or relative of the victim or the mistreatment of animals. Both may occur in the home among family members, violence can be perpetrated by both men and women.Mental or Emotional Violence

Threats with physical violence against the victims including children, family, friends or even pets. These threats can be explicit and detailed or vague in content and time frame. Violence verbal threats insults and comments with the intention of lowering the esteem of the individual. Violence nonverbal gestures, expressions and postures.

Economic and social Abuse include controlling money and other economic resources of the victim, sabotage your relationships, prevent you from being with friends and family and isolated from social contacts.

A Problem That Is Growing Every Day

In November 2007 Amnesty International submitted a petition of 14 points led the Argentine government which claims to be adopted as state policy to combat domestic ...
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