Environmental Biotechnology

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Environmental biotechnology

Environmental biotechnology


The purpose of the paper is to describe the possibilities and the state of art of environmental biotechnology and access the different areas which have similar implications and related issues. Biotechnology is the combination of engineering the natural sciences to attain the application of organism. The main role of environmental biotechnology is to achieve social, economical and environmental advantages (Bled, 2010, pp. 12). Biotechnological processes have already been used in the protection of the environment for nearly a century, long before the invention the term biotechnology. It was developed municipal facilities for water purification wastewater and filters to purify town gas to turn of the century. They were very effective, when we knew little at this time on biological principles explaining their operation. Since that time, our knowledge has increased significantly. This development describes the current state of knowledge in the field of environmental biotechnology and possibilities of the latter. It addresses also the social aspects of environmental biotechnology


Biotechnology also used to develop products and processes that produce less waste and use less non-renewable resources and less energy. From this point of view, biotechnology is positioned to promote the development of a sustainable society, according to the principle recommended in the 1987 report Brundtland and developed 21 of the agenda the second Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro 1992 a principle which had been around and who is widely accepted. This is discussed in the section on prevention. Methods Biotechnology for detecting pollutants and to monitor the quality of the environment is presented in the section on detection and monitoring. The DNA techniques Recombinant improved opportunities prevent pollution and are promising for further development of bioremediation. These topics are covered in the section on genetic transformation. Alongside the development of the modern biotechnology, have been established new regulations that apply to genetically ...
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