Ethics And Pornography

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There are many individuals who are involved in watching porn these days. Watching porn is morally and ethically bad. It has been proved by many scholars and philosophers that watching porn adversely affects a person in multiple ways. His personality and thinking process get severely disturbed as well by watching porn. It must be avoided by individuals so as to live healthy life and enjoy the beauty of life.


Every individual has needs and just like hunger and shelter there are different other needs which a person desires in his or her life. Many people usually do not understand the fine line between moral needs and unethical desires. An individual must be provided with moral teachings and ethical education with the help of which he or she can live a better and morally decent life. It has been observed that the use of pornography has increased by both the genders at different levels of age. It used to be considered that men more frequently use the pornographic material to subside their needs but with the passage of time it has been proved by studies and interviews that women from different ages of life and from different walks of life also use pornographic material for their personal enjoyment and needs. This increase of use is alarming for the welfare of the society morally. Be it any religion or culture pornography is prohibited because of multiple reasons. Those reasons can be morals, ethics, respecting womanhood and manhood etc. There are so many individuals who do not understand that the use of pornography at an early stage or life can distract a child enormously. It is not even approved by the court of law under any country's policies that any child can use pornographic material. There are serious charges for those who sell such stuff to children or underage individuals. Under the discussion segment there are different concepts and theories which are discussed to make it easier for individuals to understand the importance of discarding pornographic material.


There are many variables which can be used to describe the fact that pornography is not good for any nation. There are different theories and studies which are proposed by different philosophers and scholars in order to keep it simple and straight that the use of pornographic material in any nation can cause damage to the ethics and moral of the society. The thought processing of budding individuals can be easily destroyed with the use of pornographic material. There are many individuals who start to lose the concept of respecting individuals (men and women) after indulging in the heavy use of pornography. For most of the people, individuals become commodities which can be used and discarded after getting their work done. Morally, pornography is mostly banned in most of the countries and there are high charges levied by the government on those who are into the business of pornography. Pornography is actually described as the display of human body performing indecent acts so as to arouse ...
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